Our Vision

Our hearts song is a work in progress and the tangible birth is making it's way down the birth canal.  In October, 2013 we put together a vision board representing our dreams, aspirations, and hopes.

Whole Body Fit is destined to be a physical place that is a learning center for ALL.  We are all teachers and students.


Whole Body Fit is a place where ancient methods are combined with progressive minds to create a sacred space for healing, nurturing, sharing, teaching and learning.   A place where self expression is encouraged through dance, music, and art.  A place where we are taught to remember and then share.


CicaWa Wolf Woman

Crossroads - this is sometimes referred to as the fork in the road...I like to refer to it as the 'Y' in the road.  We all experience at many different points in our life the 'Y'.  Well, the 'Y' for me that I am referring to is the one that changed my life for the better.  After the birth of my second son, I chose to leave my corporate sales job of 10 years to embark on a new adventure....this time putting myself first.  

Healthy, that was my focus.  I wanted to take care of me and so, I decided  to start with the physical me (my outer and inner body).  I worked hard and received certification as a Personal Training Specialist and soon after as a Orthomolecular Health Care Practictioner, graduating with honors. Whole Body Fit was born and I worked under this umbrella with clients to help them on their journey to become healthier beings.  

Then, the 'Y'.....my life started a new path, a new beginning and this is when Wolf Woman became me or I became her.


I am a Warrior of Light....here to serve on the physical plain as a beacon of light. To share ALL that is passed through me to empower, ignite, and inspire the gifts in each one of us so we may shine as ONE.

We are given names with the belief from Spirit that we have it in us to become the essence of that name.

Wolf Woman was the beginning for me in returning to my roots, that of the Algonguins.  When I was a young child, I remember dreams, knowings, and feelings, though I felt if I shared them I would not be supported and therefore shut it down until chaos visited.  Wolf Woman was always inside me and when Spirit asked if I would honor this name, I was ready, ready to continue my journey as so intended.  This was a difficult journey, though I made it through the chaos and now I walk as Wolf Woman.

  Continuing on my Earth Walk, working even more closely with Spirit, my understanding  and view of the WHOLE was becoming more clear.  All that is, was meshing as ONE and there was no longer a separation between physical and spiritual, they unveiled from unseen to seen.

The name CicaWa was given to me only but a few years ago and I am just coming  into its full essence.  CicaWa birthed the Medicine Woman I was inherited to be and now today I Stand Tall with this honor, humbly thankful for this great responsibility bestowed within me. 

My Hearts Song is to lead the Human Tribe out of oppression through the ignition of each ONE’S inherent gifts so we may ignite as a WHOLE.

My Hearts Song is Whole Body Fit, with healthy minds, healthy bodies, and healthy spirits, we will have healthy hearts that all sing….sing the song of LOVE.


Quoted from The 13 Original Clan Mothers
"Divine Law will bring life abundant to All Our Relations if we feed our goodness and starve the shadow that is fed by old pain. Only then will humankind accept the truth, understanding that the Great Mystery created all Two-leggeds to Walk in Beauty as living vessels of love".