Mind Body - the activation of the other heart - the pituitary gland (the Medicine Wheel within). Also can be explained as the core of the Labriynth. This activates the connection to the WHOLE (not to be mistaken with the ONE). The 'brain' as we understand it working completely as intended. This Body is the most complicated for the human rationale to fathom.


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The Mental Body 

Is it your prison or infinite playground?

Fibromyalgia, migraines, cluster headaches, unexplainable shooting pains, schizophrenia, and tinnitus are just a few ways our physical body communicates with us that it is attempting to rewire mentally. Though the mental body is conducive to conformity and therefore can prevent the completion and thus results in constant pain – no release – no relief.


The mental body is the body that is the most elusive and thus incomprehensible when trying to understand it with our limited language and undeveloped gifts. To understand the mental body, we must truly encompass freedom in its essence. When we free our mind, we free our body and spirit. Our mental body can be our personal prison or our infinite playground.


The mental body can be compared to the likes of a computer, though only for comprehensive purposes. The difference with our computer is it has NO LIMITS. When we think of a computer and its ability to function desirably, it requires programming. And because our computer can be programmed as one of its infinite functions, it has been. That is conformity and conditioning. Though when we start to understand that our computer is not limited by the same parameters to what we name a computer, we open ourselves to the limitless possibilities. It all starts with recognition of thought patterns, habits, emotional triggers, OCD behaviours, perceptions, environment, and rearing to name a few. The process of recognition is reclamation of our personal power and the beginning of de-programming, FREEING space. Eventually, through this process we start to awake to our connection with the computer of the WHOLE and this is where we begin to understand the interconnectedness of all. We bare witness to the effects of the programming of the WHOLE and how that has also played a crucial role in our own personal programming.


Our spiritual body's awareness and physical body's health is dependent on the state of our mental body. The WHOLE healing process is dependent on all bodies, mental, physical, and spiritual vibrating in unison. The mental body is the hardest to fathom due to its intricacy. It's functional role can be compared to that of an enzyme, it is the catalyst for the both the spiritual and physical body. Therefore the state of the mind body will determine the state of the spiritual and physical body.


As we begin to recognize ourselves through introspection and retrospection, we then begin the de-programming process. At first we recognize ourselves from listening to our thoughts, witnessing our habits, disillusioning the illusions, and breaking patterns, Then, when we are ready, we begin to recognize the WHOLE and flow through the same process. This point is imperative for the WHOLE to heal. The knowing that we are all connected in the web of life explains that we are all affected by each other. That one’s choices affects the other and none of us are immune to these effects. If we all stand in a pool and I begin to jump, you will feel the wave (vibration), this is how individual choice impacts the WHOLE. We begin to honor WE and understand I to be a state of being programmed to serve separation.


When we reach WHOLE recognition, we unveil our gifts in service of the WHOLE. To help others with their choices, develop their gifts, realize their potential and the actuality that their choices do effect how the Hoop of Life flows. We are each an integral part of the Hoop of Life, no one above, below, or more integral. The hopes of the Ancestors is that we all recognize our importance and Stand Tall activating our spoke on the Hoop of Life.


The de-programming process is not quick or painless and if it appears to be so, beware. We are to feel through the process as to create a remembering for the next generations to come. The story will be told for all to learn, teach and share from. This is the power of Storytelling.

Quick healing is short lived, it is a door opened, though the door remains and thus will close if the choices and work are not done by the one. Usually one of two things happen after quick healing, one feels better and doesn’t walk through the door and then as ‘time’ passes the door closes and the return of the initial state resurfaces. Or one feels better, walks through the door and as ‘time’ passes the door closes and one gets stuck on the other side very confused. One is confused because the process was by-passed and the present state of awareness is not matched by experience. In very severe cases this can lead to delirium.


A WHOLE Healer/Shaman/Medicine Person knows their equality in the Hoop of Life and thus honors their gifts with HONESTY, RESPECT, LOVE, HUMILITY, BRAVERY, WISDOM, and TRUTH through authentic practice. Their gifts carry the medicine to support, guide, and protect through the supply of tools (medicines) and dissolution of illusory barriers. Therefore, the WHOLE Healer will remove the doors so, the choice to walk through will always remain. The work and accomplishments are all to be had by the one.


Our physical body's communicatory system is highly advanced and we have only been led to believe it is disfunctioning when dis-eased. Though when we honor the magnificence of our bodies, we open up the channels of communication and it is through these channels that we will be guided to WHOLENESS.





A 1-week computer check (for best outcome record each day);

Track your thoughts, don’t try to change them, honor them.


Organize those thoughts. Thoughts of yourself, others, family, work, or partner.


What emotions are linked to each thought.


Watch your behaviors each day as if you were an outsider. What is your routine each day, do you repeat, do you like things in a certain order, do you have triggers, do you have habits?


How will this computer check assist you in de-programming?

At the end of the week, not only will it shed much light on your choices and how they are programmed to some degree, it will allow you to take responsibility and reclaim your power. You will begin to be more aware and thus evaluate and not just act out of programming, though from personal choice, personal power.
















Polarity only exists for the human rationale. One is the other and the other is the one. Once we grasp this concept...., which is not easy...what's left? WHOLENESS. It is only through this division created by the human psyche that we are two halves...that there 'exists' duality and polarity. 

So, why do I speak of dark and light and the need to de-shadow if they are one and same?  Because we are functioning in one of the realms of polarity. Therefore it is as real as it is not. Conceptually knowing there is no polarity is just that, it is a concept, until we start to experience glimpses of the realm of ONE-WHOLE. These glimpses are eternal TRUTHs. Glimpses come through after we obtain a Rite of Passage, which is upon completion of a myriad of  initiations. There gifts are an insight to the all knowing, The Great Mystery. We then are required to learn how to internalize these teaching (offered through glimpses) so, we may externalize them effecting the ONE and in turn the WHOLE.  Deciphering these glimpses can be mind boggling most of the time because what we were gifted to see/hear or however we personally connect to Great Spirit, is usually information overload.  This is usually because we cannot decipher in the language we are custom to or there was more to digest in that moment then we can fathom. This is when we must breath and accept the glimpse will unravel in it's own time during wake or sleep, in the physical or spiritual 'world'. Therefore as we begin to receive these glimpses it seems like a whirlwind at times, though with diligence, patience, compassion and trust we will be shown how to apply this profound knowledge upon our earth walk internally and externally, ultimately becoming an example/beacon for others.


So, in understanding duality/polarity (negative/positive) in the realm we are all functioning in the majority of time, they are most definitely what make up whom we perceive we are here on our Earth Walk. The teachings we are gifted when the 'crack in the universe' opens to us upon our multiple Rite of Passage voyages, is that we begin to allow for the dissolution of the concept of separation,  bad/good.  They just are... Separation/splitting was a tactic created for control, the glimpse is the one of the reveled knowing that they are one in the same. The do not behave separately, though in unison.

When we reach the point of internalizing these glimpses, we begin to feed of the energy of the WHOLE.  This energy is euphoric and we start to feed the whirling rainbow - The Rainbow Prophecy becomes more and more a 'reality' and less and less a prophecy.  This is what our Ancestors refer to as what we will experience when the world rolls up!


Wholeness - The Rainbow Prophecy

Activation of the Hearts


Understanding the TWO HEARTS ACTIVATED is 'seeing' the doorway in the Labriynth, acccess to the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS, THE ONENESS, THE WHOLENESS..... There are no longer 'personal goals', only a collective vision of PEACE AND LOVE.

The process....

1) We first must connect with the 'I' (the ego) to understand our deepest desires, passions, and loves through healing the layers of thy self. Once we 'see' the 'I', we can begin to manifest those desires, passions, and loves. These are coined 'personal goals'.

2) Through one's focus on their manifestations (personal goals), they will be led through a myriad of initiations to unveil the illusory reality as they have perceived it, truly connecting to the HEART WITHIN (The Wakan, The Orenda). Once this connection is made the HEART is truly activated. One may remain at this stage for as long as needed for the human to accept it's 'place'. During this time there are usually growing pains such as; head pains, heart pains, nausea, flu like symptoms and/or dizziness.

3) The activation of the 'OTHER HEART' (not to be confused with the third eye chakra) is in the BRAIN, known as the pituitary gland. When this activation begins, the Medicine Wheel of the MIND is lit up and at it's center is the 'OTHER HEART'. This process is just that, a process.... How fast or slow depends on one's metamorphosis. Once the Medicine Wheel of the MIND is activated the journey outside thy self truly begins (Astral travel and shapeshifting). As we follow the path of The Medicine Wheel (also known as THE CIRCLE OF LIFE), we enter the stages of child, adolescent, adult, and elder and then start again.....and then again.....on our ascension to the connectedness of the WHOLE.
In this stage (for certain) and sometimes in the previous, we start to rediscover our super powers and this is when we see one's ability to heal others (through a multitude of methods), deliver ascended messages, teleport, and shapeshift to name a few....ALL for the greater good of the WHOLE
. At this stage there are no longer 'personal goals' (ego driven), only a unification of the MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT with aspirations for the ultimate.....PEACE AND LOVE as ALL THINGS LIVING ARE KNOWN AS ONE.

4) The most WAKAN number..... 4....The final stage. The center of the 'Classical Seven Path Labryinth'. The stage we are all destined to be....this pathway is usually guided through VISION QUEST (fulfilling our soul's purpose)....the wake unaltered raw state of being ready for deliverance.

The Elements that Comprise All Living Things – The Medicine Wheel of Life

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water are the elements that comprise all living things and at the center is one’s Orenda (Spirit , Soul). We have two dominating elements that are opposing forces that make up our outwardly characteristics and the other two elements make up our inwardly characteristics. All four in balance are needed to nourish our Orenda. We can have anywhere from one to all four out of balance and depending on how many and which ones will decipher what our bodies (mental, physical, spiritual) need to regain balance.

Fire and Water support one another as they are opposing elements. Someone who is balanced within these elements will be ; a go getter, action oriented, a leader/pathfinder, articulate, quick witted, passionate, strong, assertive, organized, sensitive, in touch, compassionate, sympathetic, expressive, physic (on some level), and social to name a few of the top characteristics. 

If imbalanced some of the characteristics we may see/experience would be; frustration, anger, outbursts, rudeness, aggressiveness, manipulating, condescending, deceptive, cry easily, over exaggeration emotionally, gossiper, self pity, attachment to drama (in one’s life or others), overly sensitive, depressive, mental health issues, and dependent.

If Fire seems to be blazing high, one would benefit from envisioning water, taking baths, swimming, drinking infused water, sitting by water, watching documentaries on water life, listening to whales and dolphins communicate, and listening to the sounds of water.

If Water seems to be drowning, one would benefit from lighting a candle, sitting by a bonfire, sitting in the presence of Grandfather Sun, getting a massage with warming oils, exercising, and eating spicy foods.


Earth and Wind support one another as they are opposing elements. Someone who is balanced within these elements will be; grounded, work with their hands, rational, giving, nurturing, compassionate, stable, calm, home body, family oriented, easily connect to all our relations, imaginative, empathic, cheerful, an observer, light, eccentric, and highly sensitive within all 6 senses.

If imbalanced some of the characteristics we may see/experience would be; rigid, confrontational, perfectionist, anxiety, stress easily, tempered, dullness, narrow minded, live within the parameters of society, fear change in any way, clingy, forgetful, not appreciative, addictive tendencies, social anxiety, personality disorders, irrational, extreme views, and disoriented.

If Earth seems to pulling, one would benefit from participating in an activity that allows for one to experience the feeling of the breeze (walking by water, riding a bike), bird watching, connecting with feathers, jumping on a trampoline, reading fantasy novels, and cloud peering.

If Wind seems to flying high, one would benefit from earthing, mud baths, walks in the forest, gardening, conscience awareness activities, and eating root vegetables.

Remember whatever elemental combination we are outwardly (which I coin the dominating elements only because they are the ones we expose ‘publicly’ ), we are the other combination inwardly. This means that whatever our outwardly elements are is how others perceive us and therefore determine our drive during our Earth Walk in connection to the ONE. Our inwardly elements are how we perceive ourselves and drive our connection to Spirit, the WHOLE. Ultimately all four in balance allow our connection to the physical and spiritual to combine and flow in unison as we exist in this eternal abyss.

Imbalances are also a reflection of shadow, therefore as we release shadow and our light within ignites brighter and stronger we gain clarity. This new found clarity is our TRUTH, which is our guidance to attain balance, activating our spoke on the Medicine Wheel of Life. Each spoke that is activated is the happening of one’s awareness to their I-NESS, connecting through unity to the ONE and ultimately becoming the catalyst that activates the WHOLE.

It is in the moments of complete balance that we gain access to the crack in the universe feeding the WHOLE the energy needed to bring forth the whirling RAINBOW- THE RAINBOW PROPHECY IS NOW!

'It is not always to maintain that which was attained, though through continued application that which was attained can be maintained.'
Wolf Woman