The Sacred Moon Lodge, the place where all women reside during their moon time.

Moon time was a time to go within, to retreat, to purify, and to be with oneself for at least 3 moons. The elders mined the children and other tribes women prepared the meals. After 3 moons of solitude the woman would re-join the group and spend the rest of her moon time relaxing and sharing insights. These insights were shared later with the tribe collectively depending on their importance to the tribe.

Moon blood was used for Earth and moon offerings, specific rituals and healing.

It was very common that most women if not all would have their moon time at the same time or at least in close proximity. Having such a close relationship with Grandmother Moon their energies were in sync. Other than the Sacred Fire, Sun, and Grandmother Moon, there was no other light. As women, our energies need to be connected with Grandmother Moon. It is said that we are to be ovulating during the Full Moon and menstruating during the New Moon.

The Moon Lodge was necessary for women to be during their moon time because their energy capabilities worked counter clockwise. This opposite energy flow would/could disrupt the outcomes of other ceremonies. You see, normally our energy flows clockwise.

Today we live in boxes filled with artificial lights inside and even outside.  Therefore, It is important for us as women to try and spend a little time each evening with Grandmother Moon to connect and regain balance within. When we are in balance with the natural flow of nature we are that much more capable of tuning into our inner voice and receiving messages that may benefit the WHOLE.

To honor the traditional ways is to honor Grandmother Moon.

Honoring Grandmother Moon
Moon Time

How many of my sisters can relate to...feeling irritable, sad, happy, bloated, tired, hungry, overly sensitive, and nesting between the time of ovulation and the time their moon time arrives?

Conception occurs every month. If we are in sync with Grandmother Moon, this would happen during the Full Moon. We are impregnated with a new life/beginning or at least the opportunity is presented (I am not referring to a new being). This new life is growing within us with its birthday arriving during our moon time, which if we are in sync with Grandmother Moon would be the New Moon. Hence the 'normal' feelings I mentioned above. All symptoms of pregnancy.


If we nurture ourselves during this time, as we should, the rewards for our being....physical, mental, and spiritual are life-altering, just as a new born baby. 
The 2 weeks of development are a time to really attune ourselves with our dreams, our inner voice, and messages which will be plentiful because all of these are necessary to be REALLY aware of for the healthy development of this New Life.

When the New Moon arrives and/or your moon time.....the New Life is birthed, our Moon Time arrives. We are awakened to a new us...the energy surging through us is so powerful! It is suggested to take a minimum of 1 day and best 3 days (3 suns and 3 moons) during our Moon Time in solitude....connecting to this New US. During this time of 1-3 days, we are able to 'download' at speeds incomparable to any other time during our cycle. Important messages can be received and serve of high importance for the WHOLE. 

It is important that we honor and celebrate our cycle as they are the cycles of the WHOLE, all revolves around the feminine cycle. In order to reclaim our power we must reclaim the ancient practices.....


Our Moon Time Never Ends


We are taught to believe that our moon time ceases to be when we are pregnant, breastfeeding, and when we move into the Elder on the Medicine Wheel. Though contrary to belief and even experience, our moon time never ends. We may not physically ovulate, that is true, though our bodies (mental, physical, spiritual) continue to flow with the ebb of femininity. 

Women moving through the physical act of ovulation and release, are cyclically receiving teachings from the time of ovulation to the act of release (blood flow). Upon release is when we begin to assimilate these teachings into a form of understanding and that is why it is encouraged by the Grandmothers to retreat for a minimum of 3 moons during our release. Though in the world we perceive, reception of the teachings is a feat of its own. With the many distractions, most teachings are being intercepted and thus are not reaching the intended at all, or they are, without the proper awareness. If intercepted, these teachings become stagnant within the energies of the WHOLE, waiting for another opportunity to be received as so. If the teachings reach the intended without proper awareness, the one may experience the teachings in the dream weave, which will then require a re-membering and then deciphering, or alternatively, she will experience feelings and symptoms that we have come to understand to be known as PMS, resulting in a complete miscommunication. Upon conquering the feat of reception, one moves to the stage of assimilation during the physical release of blood, and so asides from taking the suggested 3 moons to assimilate teachings received, one can begin with simply honoring Grandmother Moon upon her darkness and fullness cyclically. This will enforce the existing bond the feminine aspect has with Grandmother Moon, opening a channel that will support our inherited intended process. We need to cultivate a return of the ways so we may receive as such and birth as so intended. 

When women are not physically ovulating they are internalizing teachings and potentially assimilating them to wisdom at a faster rate than those ovulating and releasing (bleeding). The reception process and distraction aspect are no different than that of women ovulating, the difference lies is the removal of boundaries. These boundaries are the window between ovulation and release which no longer apply to the women that cease to ovulate. The assimilation process is still honored as ones moon time as it holds all the same credibility. This is the time when one may feel what is labelled as emotional, sensitive, frustrated, scatter brained, menopausal, all very similar symptoms to that which is named PMS, which are the signs of a needed release. It is necessary to support the assimilation process through alternate release methods due to the fact that there is no longer a physical flow of blood. Without the release, we can fall ill so, to prevent this happening It is imperative to create physically through art, writing, dance, storytelling, conscious breastfeeding, conscious procreation, lucid dreaming and exercise to name a few. This physical creativity opens a portal for us to release. When we learn how to honor this flow, the rate of assimilation is exponential. Being able to internalize throughout the cycle allows for an abundance of teachings to be received as opposed to a dedicated time between ovulation and release. Women whom ovulate can also use some of the same methods listed above to create physically, which will support the effectiveness of their release and prepare them for this phase of womanhood.

One of the best ways to honor our gift of reception as women is to practice STILLNESS until it is no longer a conscious act, though part of ever moment. 

Our moon time never ends, as long as we continue to breath and thus remain a women here on Earth, we carry the responsibility to be a womb bearer. The womb which was intended to birth tomorrow.