Reflection We have all heard or believe (to some extent) the idea that ‘everything is a reflection of thy self'. Here’s where the confusion lies with this ‘idea’, we remove the knowing or basic understanding that I-NESS exists. First we understand ONENESS, then WHOLENESS, then I-NESS (not to be confused with ego). The WHOLE is comprised of circles within circles, therefore we are a circle that then makes up a circle and so on…. I-NESS is the recognition of the ONE, as each ONE makes up the WHOLE. So, you see reflection plays a key role in healing, though it can be distorting if lived as a ‘rule'. Being able to decipher that which is and that which is not presents itself in the encounter. To be but ‘only’ a reflection would discount the ONE'S gift(s) inherent in each I-NESS. Reflection is a stage within each phase to promote healing. When we begin to identify with I-NESS, we begin to be able to activate our gifts and therefore ‘plug' back in to the HOOP OF LIFE. You see, as a spoke on the HOOP OF LIFE we remain, though until we activate we stay unplugged. The gifts I speak of, are our Orenda's inherent gifts. They are the ones we carry from ‘there to here’. My youngest son asked the other day ‘how come I don’t remember who I was’, and before I could respond he answered himself, ‘because it could be destructive?’. Yes, absolutely! When we allow for the natural rhythms to lead, we uncover and activate our gifts when we are ready to utilize them appropriately. We have all heard ‘with great power comes great responsibility'. It is not so important to know who or what we were as it is to uncover and activate our inherent gifts and then utilize them for the greater good, honoring the GREAT SPIRIT. Each gift is unique to the I-NESS and necessary to recognize to keep the wheel turning as an integral part of the HOOP OF LIFE.

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