Awaken The Inner Child

Where does the road lead you..., but of course back to you.

When my second son was 6 he approached me and said "I feel weird", I responded, "can you try and explain?". He then replied, "I feel like I am losing myself", and then he proceeded to cry.

When we enter this realm as babies we have travelled through a gateway to be here, our mothers birth 'canal' (remember this is only one of the gateways). We enter with wisdom of the 'Universal Secrets' and share this wisdom through being a baby/toddler/child. Our Ancestors valued children and treated them with respect knowing they came with wisdom to share. They were the future generation preparing to seed the next generation.

As a whole we have lost this connection to our children, meaning respecting them as teachers...really listening to them. Trust me, they are little messengers, just tune into those 6 senses. We are too busy with the misconception that we are here for them.

When a child reaches between 6 and 7 they begin to detach from the umbilical cord of the Universe. This is one of the the first experiences of 'death' we face to be reborn with a different view. All is lost......or is it really? This is when we begin the road back, back to you.

We are all just trying to awaken the child within, so he/she can remind us of what we already know.

Given the state of our Earth Mother, we are witnessing an acceleration of consciousness. This is occurring in many ways and one of these ways are babies being born today are entering with a new agenda to save US. As well, other gateways have opened to allow for additional assistance.....Let us welcome the Bird Clan. (Another topic for discussion).

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