The Festival Era

The Festival Era Festivals have been part of The Human Tribe on and off since The Ancestors resided. The difference being the cause and most importantly the EFFECT of the festival. The Ancestors had festivals to celebrate giveaways, thanksgivings, and honoring the season of abundance to name a few. The festivals were named Pow Wows, celebrated with the dress of regalia, good food, friends (new and old), family (blood and adopted), music using hand made instruments and voice, and of course dance. Self-expression and creativity were honored through regalia, dance, and art. All festivities were practiced with RESPECT for Mother Earth and ALL OUR RELATIVES. Festivals were not appropriated by age or gender because festivities were a reflection of one living by the 7 Grandfather Teachings. With the genocide of our Red Skin brothers and sisters, festivals first ceased to exist and then with the rise of the spirit within, we saw the reintroduction starting somewhere in the late 60's until now – present day. This ancient tradition took on a few new concepts. The heart of the reintroduction and continued surge of festivals is rooted in self-expression and creativity, though the dynamic is twisted. ALL OUR RELATIVES are not being honored at these festivals, quite the contrary, they are being violated. Through noise pollution that effects the smallest critter to the largest (us included), the light shows that harm our being at its core (like a light saber slashing through us), and the drug abuse whether one partakes or not (energy fields in close proximity). Festivals now seduce participants with the illusion of cause…..forgetting about EFFECT. The festivals for sure on some level offer a take away that can be beneficial – for the ‘I’ (ego), though the EFFECT is overlooked, ignored, and/or even justified because of the ‘I'. Now there are festivals that practice the authentic RESPECT so, I want to be clear that I am not bagging all festivals. We can honor self-expression and creativity in a RESPECTFUL manner that does not EFFECT ALL OUR RELATIVES, that honors natural sound and vibration, that protects our beings from artificial damaging lights and promotes a drug free zone. When one takes the ‘I' and money out of the equation and takes into account the WHOLE, then maybe then the support for organizers hosting such festivals will be haulted and redirected into the return of what was combined with what is – The Now Pow Wow! Join me in collaboration to organize the first ever NOW POW WOW. Please PM if this interests you.

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