The Wounded Healer

The Wounded Healer still wounded is just as powerful. The Wounded Healer is a chosen one (just as all are chosen for their inherent gifts). Their early stages of life are destined to be filled with adversity. Some will survive and overcome the many obstacles and step into their role as The Wounded Healer and some will not brave the storm, but yet numb the knowing of who they truly are. This is The Wounded Healer still wounded. They possess the same gifts as intended for The Wounded Healer except their effects are reversed. They are working with shadow medicines. Fortunately, most of the time these medicines are being utilized unknowingly (at least not consciously) resulting in minimal damage. Though still, they carry an effect because intention is activated from a thought and a thought is generated from an emotion and emotions are the driving force within our being….HUMAN BEING. When we choose to honor our emotions, ALL our emotions, then we choose to HEAL. All emotions have a purpose and that purpose is to teach us. If we choose to ignore our true emotions because they are dirty, bad, mean, rude, envious and so on…then we deny the teacher within to teach. When we honor ALL of our emotions we have the ability to FEEL, REFLECT, LEARN, UNDERSTAND, and then HEAL. Through the adversity one must overcome to step into their role as The Wounded Healer brings a level of compassion that one can only possess through experiences and with that comes a knowing and with that a wisdom. It is with that wisdom that The Wounded Healer HEALS….first themselves and then others.

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