Poisoning of the Orenda

Cleansing, purifying, and detoxifying are crucial rituals to practice regularly to protect that which the WHOLE BODY (mind, body, spirit) has already attained. The further we travel on the spiral of Life, the more we are a threat to the opposing forces. Just as poison is understood on the ‘physical plain’, it must be known that it is just as life-threatening on the ‘mental plain’ and ‘spiritual plain’. Poison has two intentions, to either protect or destroy. Poison within the natural world (Mother Earth), falls into the protective category, while man made poisons are designed to destroy, annihilate. With this understanding, we can apply the same concept on the mental and spiritual plain. Meaning that which is natural, operates in the LIGHT, possessing poisons for the sole purpose of protection. Though man made (which is thought), has the potential to behave either way – protect or destroy. Having the ability to poison our mind body and/or spirit body and eventually our physical body if not cleansed. Physically, it is obvious if we have been poisoned, though this is not the case in regards to mental and spiritual poison. This is why the ritual acts of cleansing, purifying and detoxing are pertinent on a by weekly basis and for those working as ‘healers’ before and after each encounter. There are many ways to cleanse, purify, and detox such as; the first basic rite gifted from the Great Spirit, the INIPI – SWEAT BATH, combined with the healing energies of the water drum (Whale Medicine), breath, and smudging to name a few that I personally practice.

As a vessel for Spirit, my I-NESS has accepted the task to be a Warrior of Light. As a Warrior of Light, I vow to be a beacon, empower, inspire, support and facilitate others as they walk the Red Road.

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