The Equinox Ghost Dance

This upcoming Equinox lands under the umbrella of the veil of the New Moon. It will be an auspicious time so, let’s UNITE with like intentions and create magic together! The Equinoxes land on the Blue Road, which is the Spirit Road. During Solstices and Equinoxes portals/gateways are open, though specifically during this Equinox a particular gateway will be open, that of the Blue Spiral. The Blue Spiral serves as a funnel, channelling the LIGHT thoughts projected from PURE LOVE (which is blue light). This is why it is imperative that we UNITE for this event because with our collective focused intention we can support the efforts already in place to, as Grandfather Lame Deer said. ‘Roll up the World'. To roll up the world as we perceive it, to uncover what lies beneath……a land untouched by the wasicun (white man). I am humbly asking ALL who feel the calling to support that which was intended, to join my family where ever you are residing on Mother Earth and DANCE…..THE GHOST DANCE! The Ghost Dance was brought forth from the Paiute prophet, Wovoka. This dance was brought about from a vision he had after being struck down dead by a noise to the likes of THUNDER. The Eagle carried him up to the sky and when he came back to life he shared his vision, which was about peace and happiness returning along with a land untouched by the Wasicun. The ceremonial dance was believed to support the return of our Ancestors. This dance would go on for 4 days and the men and women would dance into a trance until they collapsed. Upon ones wake, there would be messages and a lot of the time items in hand, visions….all of a World that already exists, one of peace and love, one where we live among all our relatives, only taking what we need and forever being thankful. The Wasicun heard of the Ceremonial dance and obviously felt

threatened by the idea and planned an attack that took the life of Sitting Bull (whom had nothing to do with the dance) and many other precious lives that had attended the dance that night. Men, women, and children of all nations whom had gathered in peace, with one intention… return to what was….to a life unravaged by takers. Let us gather in our own spaces and connect for 10min in silence and then……DANCE, THE GHOST DANCE as long as we can. . Please share. We are ONE! Details to follow. Chi Miigwetch

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