Shark, Frog, and Spider - An Insight to their Medicines

Shark Medicine

The medicine of the shark is that of a warrior. Shark is a primordial animal carrying wisdom from the ages. When Shark presents itself to you it is usually a warning. With this warning there is an offering, an offering of themselves. Shark being the icon of a warrior and carrying the strength of 1000 warriors offers its protection to you and usually those close to you. Sharks are practically all muscle and stay in constant motion with their eyes wide open. This is the warrior they are, strong, alert, precise, aware, swift, caring, and protective. The knowledge of Shark medicine is an innate knowing in our cell memory and that is why we sometimes feel fear when we think of or encounter sharks either in our wake or dream state. It is not because we are ‘truly’ afraid of them, it is because we ‘know’ they are a not an opponent to be reckoned with. Just know when Shark presents itself to you to be on guard, though know that shark will be by your side until the danger passes, protecting you and guiding you to safety. Shark will teach you warrior secrets so, those that choose to be Warriors of Light don’t be surprised if Shark visits you.

Frog Medicine

Frog medicine is the reminder that all are meant to become their intended state of being. Our intended state of being is that which the Great Spirit gifted us. This gift resides in each 2 legged and once recognized and combined with the right ingredients flourishes the 2 legged into their intended state of being. The Frog entering this world in water as a tadpole transforms into a land creature with completely different characteristics and appearance, this is the same for us 2 legged. When we choose to activate our gift, by simply just acknowledgment of the gift, we begin to transform and the outcome is breathtaking. Ultimately, it is a complete metamorphosis. Frog medicine also teaches us about fluidity, being able to move comfortably between the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’, as they live near borders which represent the edge. The edge encompasses the teachings of the Quantum and the Newtonian world, which then teaches about alchemy. When Frog visits you be ready for an abundance of new information that will guide you through your metamorphosis. Growth occurs in stages and that is one of the reasons Frog revisits us, to assist in the growing pains.

Spider Medicine

She weaves the web for all of us to learn how to weave our own webs, webs that connect and interconnect with one another. Every action has a reaction and so on, so, with each strand woven we create a new experience that effects the next experience. Not only do these experiences effect our own web, through the knowledge of interconnection they effect all webs. Webs are needed for shelter, food, protection, and reproduction and therefore Grandmother Spider has such an important job when it comes to teaching the 2 legged her medicine. We as the human tribe need tangible to fathom our existence therefore the Great Spirit asked Spider to weave the web of life. This is what we perceive, though the teachings lie in our personal webs. Spiders medicine guides and protects us with her teachings of how to utilize our gift so, we may create the tangible in forms that serve to benefit ALL.

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