Black Panther's Potent Medicine

Black Panther is feminine energy in it's most powerful form. She is who sits next to Grandmother Moon and the Elders in the North on the Medicine Wheel. Panther is teacher to all the Wounded Healers and the guide to the heroic. She protects us through the dark as we reclaim all particles of thy self lost. She is the mirror of that which no longer serves us, challenging us to rise above and become our intended state of being. She is here to make sure we full fill the prophecy of ONENESS and in turn WHOLENESS.

As the masculine and feminine energies ascend to their intended vibrational state we will be faced with internal turmoil similar to that which we are witnessing with Mother Earth. As Mother Earth is working through her healing crisis, cleansing that which is not in the representation of LIGHT, we will start to learn what BALANCE looks like. This is the without that will be the mirror for our within, as we cleanse our bodies of delusional ‘ideals’ of feminine and masculine energies. As we regain our balance within, we will know, see, and feel what LOVE truly is because that is when the TRUTH will be hidden no more. The work within will be to recognize the false ‘ideals’ we still hold within our bodies of either energy. Men may struggle with the concept that the feminine energy is the energy of POWER, THOUGHT, PASSION, and MAGIC (to list a few). Women may struggle with the concept that masculine energy is the energy of ACTION, STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, and PROTECTOR (to list a few). The wisdom lies in knowing these traits are inherent in every one, it is just upon the initial realization that our bodies may want to reject this concept.

Panther's message for women is very important. She has acknowledged that Women have worked extremely hard at raising the feminine energies to their intended state and in turn may have a hard time accepting the need to nurture the masculine within. During the healing progression, feminine energies needed to be raised into balance and masculine reduced to reach their intended state. Therefore naturally when something is risen, there is a vibrational high, though upon reducing we feel a loss and vibrational lows. So, in order to protect the masculine energies within ALL, it is imperative that we nurture, protect, respect, and most of all LOVE the masculine energies. These energies will want to cling on, looking for guidance, direction, and nurturing and if the women do not address the needs of the masculine within, we pose the potential of destroying all that has been accomplished. The women hold the power to create or destroy and men carry the responsibility of the HUMAN TRIBE, the responsibility of applying their new found awareness of feminine energy and combining the amazingness of both, an alchemical process that has the potential to save ALL.

I was given a dream a while back disclosing the connection between Jesus and Crazy Horse…..and there after. I will not disclose further until spirit allows, though rest assured the prophecy is in progress.


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