Teachings From Gives Praise Clan Mother

Gives Praise Clan Mother is here to teach us how to look for the THANKSGIVING amidst the haze. This moon cycle follows the cycle that was all about initiations and then flowed seemingly into this cycle that teaches the value of THANKSGIVING.

A lesson learned is wisdom gained, therefore if we can see through the illusions we are faced with in order to ‘grow’, then finding the THANKSGIVING through the most trying of situations will be the silver lining that offers wisdom from the lesson. When we master this teaching and follow through with application within our daily happenings, will we then allow the abundance of life to flow freely as the river.

Abundance is a term most misunderstood, it is simply free flowing energy. Abundance is the allowance of natural energy exchange, receive, use, release, give, transmute and repeat. This is one of the fundamental teachings.

With Gives Praise Full Moon approaching and being a super moon and marking the beginning of mercury retrograde we can understand the coincidence of this synchronicity. The retrograde is all about backward, counter clockwise movement. Revisiting, rehashing, remembering…..all in preparation for the allowance of release……, that is if we choose to surrender and flow with the river.

This cycle is the pre-requisite to achieve the teachings of the 13th Moon cycle. These times may feel treacherous so,

in order to flow remember to enter the place of silence within and guidance will be provided, not the answers, as those will only be exposed upon completion of this cycle. The more we enter the silence of sacred mountain during this cycle the more will be revealed. The Black Panther, White Tiger, and Vulture stand with us during this cycle providing their medicines if we so choose to accept.

We shall begin on the Full Moon with a celebration of THANKSGIVING for the opportunities that are present and then turn our reflection inward for the remainder of the cycle.


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