The Family Unit

When choosing to heal thyself, one inadvertently has the potential to heal those in their Family Unit. A Family Unit is a bond that can be created within a family naturally or actively, it is not to be assumed. This bond is an unseen connection that creates a WHOLENESS understandably to the family. It is a completeness felt from togetherness. This WHOLENESS if nurtured only grows stronger allowing for completeness to be felt at distances equal to that of togetherness. This Family Unit stands as ONE just as much as they stand as a WHOLE. 

This is one of the primordial lessons of our Ancestors, that of unity within, creating a Family Unit, which included *All Our Relatives. This is the root to understanding the Circle of Life and how we are all connected. This bond was a natural occurrence among our Ancestors and All Our Relatives, therefore energies were easily transferable, working diligently as an ant colony to keep the natural cyclical flow of the Medicine Wheel of Life flowing. The 7 Grandfather Teachings were the ‘laws' that acted as the glue that held the bond of the Family Unit together. It is not to denote perfectionism in regards to our Ancestors, just that the system of unity allowed for a steady flow of Light allowing for others to feel confident in dependency when necessary. The load was the responsibility of the WHOLE so, as a unit the bond created a strength that kept the eternal flame of the WHOLE ignited. In understanding the concept of the Family Unit, one can begin to understand the effects of one’s energies within the unit. Most of us can relate to the effects another family member’s energies can have on everyone else in the Family Unit, therefore creating a funnel that will feed either way. Just as much as one can effect the others in the unit with ‘negative’ energy so, can be the case with ‘positive’ or ‘healing’ energy. Everything as we perceive it to be, is always undergoing change, therefore which ever energies we feed, effect the ONE and in turn the WHOLE.

In choosing to ‘heal’ our self by making the necessary choices, we inadvertently create the potential to begin a domino effect within the unit. We begin to create change that flows with the natural cycle of change. We become a beacon of light as we ‘heal’, therefore becoming a guiding light to those in our unit. Of course personal choice is always at hand, though once the light is shining it will not tolerate shadow. This does not mean to say one will or should shun a member of the unit, just that until the one in question chooses the light, the bond will and must be broken to protect the WHOLE. In the meantime, in placement of the bond is compassion and love, which will serve as a bridge if and when the one in question chooses light. 

Now if we extend the concept of Family Unit to encompass the entire human tribe and All Our Relatives, as did our Ancestors, we can begin to understand the magic we each possess to create change for the greater good. We are all accountable on the Medicine Wheel of Life! *All Our Relatives – Mitakuye Oyasin – A Lakota saying that represents the interconnectedness of all living things, other people, animals, birds, insects, trees, plant, rocks, rivers, mountains, and like.   

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