Awaken Your Senses - Spiritual Magnetism

As a homeschool mother, I strive to blend academic along side with spiritual teachings and I am always amazed at the synchronicities between the two. Always honoring through acknowledgment that both myself and children are teacher and student simultaneously. Our recent topic of interest has been magnetism. Magnetism – is an invisible force or field caused by the unique properties of certain materials. Magnetosphere – is the magnetic force that extends into space. This force acts like a shield protecting Earth. Substances that have the potential to be magnetic only need their domains aligned. Initially the electrons are spinning in different directions, though upon alignment they begin to spin in the same direction. This arrangement of atoms create a magnet, which consists of a North and South pole. The energy that runs between the poles is what creates the magnetic force field and thus the magnetosphere. ~~~~~~~

We as physically energetic beings have a connection to both Mother Earth and Father Sky both physically and energetically. When we connect with the core of Mother Earth, where the source of her magnet is located and to Father Sky’s core, the black hole, where the source of his magnet is located we begin to free the many TRUTHS hidden from us, we shatter the illusion created to trap and oppress us. We as humans have a magnetic core as well, that speaks and understands the universal language. Our core is located in our heart center, this is our magnet, though we must realign our domains in order to remagnetize with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Once we are remagnetized our force field is also re-enforced, protecting us from the illusions disillusioning us and allowing us to live in our TRUTH as part of the WHOLE, able to contribute as so. Just through the awareness of the different cores, we can focus with intent and begin to realign. As we walk the Red Road on our Earth Walk choosing love and compassion we continue to align our domains until we are completely aligned. This is when we can be controlled no more, truths will be disclosed, and reality as we perceive it will be altered to unveil it's intended state. The intensity of Earth’s Magnetism is strengthening in collaboration with Father Sky’s energy to support the liberation of the Human Tribe. There will be a point that ignorance will be obsolete and a choice will have to be made. This is when the Thunderbird will visit and the 5th world will be upon us. The choice will be to stand in one's TRUTH or exit with fear. With the TRUTH of magnetism unveiled We are reminded of what our Ancestors knew, that all consist of a circle, which is eternal, equal, and unified. We are individual domains within the WHOLE and when aligned we become activated, creating a circle of energy that connects with others that have activated their circle of energy, which then connects to our Earth Mothers circle of energy and thus the Universal circle of energy and this is the Hoop of Life.

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