The Standing Ones are Trying to Heal Us

Reach out, connect and most importantly give Thanksgiving. The Standing Ones not only work alongside Mother Earth in sustaining us, they are ready and ever so willing to Heal Us! They are calling to us, asking us to receive the gift of regrowth. It is no secret the medicines they carry are powerfully beneficial for the two leggeds, as our DNA is almost identical. 

The best way to receive this powerful healing gift from the Standing One, is first to immerse your self in nature, Mothers Earth’s playground intended for her children. This can be in your backyard, a forest nearby, a park, and/or the jungle, to name a few options. We are not limited by boundaries when understanding nature, a Standing One is a Standing One and each just as powerful as the next, as we are all equal on the Hoop of Life. Two, is to find a Standing One and at best two Standing Ones close by one another that represent male and female aspects. Take your time when connecting, wait for the call. The more you immerse yourself in a particular part of Mother Earth's playground, the more you hear, see, and feel. This is not so easy as just venturing out and ‘picking’ a Standing One, you must be picked, this is a gift to you. Only through the ultimate act of respect can you achieve this connection and therefore gift. Once this connection with the Standing One or Ones is complete your are ready to enter into Ceremony and receive the gift of regrowth!

Place your hands on each Standing One for as long as feels right. Usually your hand will begin to vibrate, pulse and/or get hot when the energy exchange has occurred. Once this is done sit, stand, lie down, whatever feels right between the two Standing Ones, or next to the one, if there is only one. Close your eyes with palms facing up and allow the energy exchange to vibrate, pulse and/or heat again. Once you feel this, the gift of regrowth is about to take place. Remain palms up in Tiyoweh (stillness) until the vibration, pulse and/or heat ceases to be strong. There are 3 areas that the healing is intended for, the brain (mental body), the heart (spiritual body), and the sacral/womb/reproductive area (physical body). 

The brain will be gifted with regrowth through new synapses connections.

The heart will be gifted with regrowth through new electrical circuits.

The sacral will be gifted with regrowth through new cells.

This is a WHOLE BODY healing, make the connection, receive the gift and give Thanksgiving. 

The pictures above show the two Standing Ones that so graciously gifted me. The female is the one that separates as a labia does and the other, obviously is the male.

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