Total Eclipses – Moon Time, Conception, Birth

Total Eclipses usually occur twice in a calendar year, whether solar or lunar, and both are a blessed happening to be honored, respected, and celebrated. During total solar eclipses, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun join to consummate their partnership. This is a time when conception and birth occurs, conception happens during the darkness of the eclipse, the void, where all is birthed from and then birth/rebirth, the light returns. This is a powerful time to become intimate (with oneself or another), strengthen the kundalini, rejoice from the growth of seeds planted (dreams, aspirations, goals), flow with the contractions ( obstacles, bumps in the road, death) that birth anew, persevere and of course, celebrate. Our bodies are energetically charged daily if we choose to intently connect, Grandfather Sun charges us through our heart center and Grandmother Moon through our crown. Just as we benefit from these energetic charges of fulfillment our Grandfather and Grandmother need such charges as well and this consummate act is what recharges them. When we are in the act of conception and birth, we prefer our privacy as it is a time of honored intimacy, both are rites of passage and every rite of passage holds the potential gift of enhancement for our being as we activate all bodies (physical, mental, and spiritual). Therefore as we prefer our personal privacy during these times it is not hard to understand that our Grandfather and Grandmother would want the same. We are encouraged through media and science to watch these happenings as if it is a movie for our enjoyment, though this is not the case, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon request the same privacy and we are gifted by honoring this blessed act. So, if we share in their moment of intimacy with one self or another we are gifted two fold! This is part of the teachings of sex magic. During total lunar eclipses, Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sky take time apart from one another as Grandmother Moon honors her moon time. This is a time for reflection, introspection, shedding the old in preparation for new, and reception. Moon time is a treasured time as the feminine aspect has an opportunity to tap into the Source at a speed and intensity incomparable to any other time. This galactic happening takes minutes, though the exchange of energies during this time is comparable to 6 human moon times. As Grandmother Moon is the teacher, guardian, and protectress of the feminine aspect, we as women have the gift monthly to enter into this energy exchange. We are encouraged to take time away from our partners during our moon time just as Grandmother Moon has taught us so, we can individually reflect, shed, and receive. This ritual if honored, is what nourishes the Human Tribe spiritually and physically, therefore activating the mental body of the ONE – WHOLE. When we utilize this gift through ritual practice everyone benefits! Therefore during the lunar eclipse we are asked to respect this time and not ‘watch’ as is encouraged. This is when Grandmother Moon is requesting privacy, we are graced with her presence nightly, and even though the beauty of this moment is captivating, we are asked to refrain from impeding. When she returns from the Moon Lodge, we will be blessed and gifted which will be far more fulfilling than ‘watching’ and we will feel honorable respecting her privacy. The total eclipses complete the birth, death, and rebirth cycle. Both solar and lunar enter into all 3. Amazingly powerful, in just minutes this cycle is complete! These energies take effect instantly, though our bodies ( mental , physical, and spiritual) need time to digest. We experience these new energies in many ways, though usually symptoms such as aches and pains, flue like symptoms, headaches, light-headedness, heart aches, sudden fatigue, depression (ups and downs),short tempered, sensitive to noise, sensitive to wi-fi, confusion, and forgetfulness to name the top ones. Once we move through these ‘growing pains’, we feel anew lightness abound, within and without, LOVE! So, get ready for a big one as we enter into the longest Moon Time we will experience on this Earth Walk. We welcome She Who Heals Clan Mother this Full Moon as we enter into the 8th moon cycle (total lunar eclipse – bloodmoon)! Just imagine all that will be revealed thereafter! This is global awakening at its peak. BLUE LIGHT UNTO YOU

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