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When we choose to walk the Red Road, we have made an agreement with thy self to stand in our TRUTH always. Now we may falter, as one calls ‘make mistakes’, though it is through these falters we are tested, and the choice remains, to either stay on the Red Road or take another. Without these falters we would become stagnant within our growth and the magic would halt. These falters keep us on our toes, though most importantly humble. As we walk the Red Road we learn that we are everything and nothing, teacher and student, here and not, so therefore we can understand that we continue along a path that is not linear, though circular. We comprise this understanding and eventually knowing when we realize, though most importantly accept that we will always return to any point of reference. There is no destination, finale, just continuity. Now this point of reference I refer to is not exact or precise because as I mentioned circular, all is circular, meaning the Hoop of Life is a circle upon a circle and so on, we see and identify this symbol as a spiral. Therefore with this understanding and eventually knowing we can begin to see these falters as initiations that when ‘passed’, lead to new levels of wisdom and knowing. The Great Spirit requires a certain level of certainty when opening new doors to us. If we are a gamble then we are not only a hazard to thy self, though to the WHOLE. So, these initiations allow for the Great Spirit to test our State of Being through the choices we make when presented with these initiations. Now it is not the Great Spirit that needs to know, these initiations are for us to know, they are a mirror reflecting back to us, either teaching us that we must revisit certain teachings, remain where we are and experience more, or prepare for new teachings . Personally when it is time for me to move on to new levels of Initiation, Owl visits. Once we are gifted this new level of Initiation we learn to accept with humility as we are entering as child again, the kindergarten stages. This is the Hoop of Life, child, adolescent, adult, elder. We accept upon each new initiation that the slate is wiped clean and everything we thought we knew is no longer and open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities of ALL, this is humility. We have moved into a stage of healing as a WHOLE, though the humility is lacking as ego is ever so present. We are stuck on titles, likes, attendance and of course money, as my teacher Lame Deer taught me, the green frog skin. When we have humility we are interested in the well being of the WHOLE, not solely thy self, though also our brothers, sisters, and All Our Relatives. When we remove the ego from choice and choose from the eternal flame of oneness-wholeness, we know humility.

Wolf is the teacher of humility, welcome Wolf into your sacred space and ask Wolf what medicine you need to know your humility.

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