Smudging - The Truth

Smudging is a traditional act practiced for a variety of reasons and the Sacred Herb(s) chosen is dependent on the reason. For today I will be addressing the practice of smudging for the purpose of cleansing, purifying and protecting one’s self and space to rid energies unserving. In a recent post I briefly discussed the 4 Sacred Herbs (Sweet Grass, Sage, Cedar, and Tobacco) and what they were commonly used for and how to use them for thy self. Today I will go more into detail about smudging one’s self and space. In my recent post I shared a prayer that can be used while smudging. This prayer is utilized to guide the smudging herb with intent. When smudging and reciting this prayer one can create boundaries of their sacred circle to protect themselves from further infiltration of unwanted energies and protect others from picking up their unserving energies. To actually cleanse oneself and space in its authenticity takes more than just the burning of the Sacred Herb. The Sacred Herbs have become so mainstream and are being burned with the belief that cleansing is occurring, when really for the most part there is no cleansing taking place, though solely boundaries enforced. Do to the mainstream information in regards to the Sacred Herbs, they are being dishonored and for the most part have lost their authentic state of growth and harvest. To truly smudge and achieve the goal of cleansing, purifying and protecting is not for the faint of heart, and I say that with all do respect. Firstly, the one whom takes on the practice of smudging must already be in a state of knowing and therefore ABLE to facilitate such a task. This task is a weighted choice, for if not done right can cause more harm than good by disturbing the energies versus cleansing . When we speak of clearing, purifying and protecting in relation to energies unserving we may have heard them coined as ghosts, shadow animals, vampires , witches, and entities to name a few. Either way It is an energy unserving needing to be released to the cosmos to be transmuted to its intended state…LOVE. One might be thinking, ‘Well, when I smudge I feel better and so does my space’. Yes, it may very well be so, because you have enforced boundaries for the time being and then you will most likely need to smudge again….and then again. So, now one may be asking, ‘What to do?’ When feeling the need for cleansing, purifying and protecting it is best to seek the help of someone in their knowing. In the meantime enforced boundaries and simply lighting a candle joined with the right prayer can be sufficient. It is to understand that these are traditions that for the most part have been lost or broken and it is not as simple as burning an herb and poof! It is in ignorance that this is believed and I personally sat in this assumption until the truths were bestowed upon me. I understand now that it is not to be taken lightly and that to only those called are the secrets revealed. This is not something we look for or even ask for, it is answering the call within. Let us honor tradition and thus the gift of the Sacred Herbs. Purchase your herbs authentically (not from mass suppliers), keep them in a honored place, give Thanksgiving upon use, and gift the ashes back to Mother Earth.

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