The Green Frog Skin

Are you blind to the illusion being upheld by the green frog skin, also known as money? Let me help you answer this question. If you are conforming within the societal parameters then you are most likely blind to the illusion. These parameters are set out by one’s drive and thus reason(s) to own property, pay for schooling, gain financial wealth, and acquire material items. If you are shattering this veil of illusion then you know that we cannot own the land so, purchasing land is solely to give back to her through nourishment. Nourishment that works as a two way receptor where ALL benefit. It is in support of what was so intended, to honor thy land as our Mother, therefore through such a purchase you choose to give back what is rightfully hers and thus allow ALL to return to its natural flow. This is achieved by re-membering how to communicate with Mother Earth. This is done by knowing that we can combine traditional living and progressive ideas to create anew, that honors the HOOP OF LIFE. Our Ancestors were physically forced, separated from their families, and threatened into attending residential schools aimed to school them into new language, new history, and even new names. This was an institution based on conformity, conformity to a new way, a way that was governed by the green frog skin. Schools offer us many teaching in how to function as a pawn on the chessboard of this illusion, unless one chooses to use those same teachings to create an arrow that shatters the illusion. We are taught to measure wealth based on acquisition of material items and/or the amount of green frog skin we possess. This type of wealth was birthed from a history of blood shed. This type of wealth is an illusion that drives the ego, we become the driven not the driver. Wealth is only attained from nourishment to the mind, body and spirit, which then ignites the heart to sing the song of LOVE. LOVE is the only wealth worth attaining because when you know LOVE, you become the driver and no longer the driven. We are judged by our neighbor from the sum of our make up, which is added up by the clothes we wear, the house we live in, our furnishings and decoratives, the car we drive and the many other wants that fit into this equation. All these material items are external makeup to present the ego, the ego which feeds the inventor of the green frog skin, the illusionist. When we are no longer judged and thus SEEN by our actions outwardly, which resemble that of RESPECT, HONESTY, LOVE, BRAVERY, WISDOM, and HUMILITY, then the TRUTH will prevail. The TRUTH that we are equal in the HOOP OF LIFE. So, now I ask again, are you blind to the illusion being upheld by the green frog skin, also known as money? 

CicaWa Wolf Woman

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