Star Nation Prophecy

Today is the day prophesied by the Star Nation. 2/18/19. Today marks the official, 'beginning is near'. Today we welcome a new wave of energy to carry us through to the next phase. We are encouraged to not fight the current, though flow, experience, surrender, give Thanksgiving, listen, see, and of course trust that we are being guided, protected and supported by none other than TRUTH. 

It is the Noah's Ark stage of the journey. The element of water is abundant so, therefore emotions, intuition, and the feminine aspect will be our compass. Animal guides will be more assertive in their attempts to gift us their medicines. Actually, our relatives, the 4-leggeds, creepy crawlers, and flying one’s will be our North Star right now. 

This phase will feel as though one has been dreaming. So much will happen in what will be perceived as a short amount of ‘time’. At times the waters will appear murky and heavy and one must be able to cast aside logic in order to internalize the teachings. 

There are many of us that have already experienced the growing pains of this phase in order to support, protect and guide others as they choose to flow. Physical symptoms may be symptoms such as, though not limited to; body aches (commonly started from the legs and working its way up), fatigue, overall weakness, headaches, head pains, heart aches, heart pains, heart heaviness, perspiration at night, cold, nauseous, stomach emptiness, and gas release. 

Not everyone will acknowledge this phase and we are encouraged to hold sacred space for them as their choice is honored as their sacred point of view. Regardless this phase is activated today and it is up to those whose eyes are wide open to take action and hold the torch in support of ALL. 

As the energies integrate we will experience a new sense of being. The veil between worlds will seize to exist in our perception. Meaning those that understand this concept will begin to function more fluidly between all worlds, beginning to truly understand that there is only one world. This overwhelming knowingness will most likely be the main cause for the physical symptoms.

The reason we are being saved by the ‘saviour’, is the knowing that ALL is part of. Existence in its essence is eternal and therefore a continuation. All is a circle within a circle, meaning each circle depends on the balance and existence of the other. The ‘saviour’ has been recognized as ‘a person’ returning. This ‘person’, is an energy and that energy is a reflection of ALL. Therefore we can know this ‘saviour’ to be All that is. 

So, today we honor and give Thanksgiving for the saviour has arrived! Today marks the beginning is near. We are the saviour! It is encouraged to go into ceremony today. It is through ceremonial ritual we acknowledge in our wake state the blessings upon us. Light candles, place flowers, stones, feathers, really what calls to you. Say the words that find your lips and give Thanksgiving! This ceremony is suggested to take place anytime prior to sunset tonight. 

2/18/19, brings with it the vibration of 3. Balance of our mental, physical, and spiritual, thus activating the heart of the WHOLE. 

Chi Migweech to ALL MY RELATIVES

May we journey lightly   

CicaWa Wolf Woman

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