The Disillusioned Spiritual Path

The key is to balance all bodies within all realms in order to activate the Medicine Wheel (Merkaba) of ONE connecting to the WHOLE. When we feed one aspect, neglecting the others we become disillusioned spiritually, unable to ethically decipher. Physical Body - is our connection to our Human and our spiritual growth is relative to our relation to Mother Earth and All Our Relatives. How do we co-exist and most important co-create with the energies available and present in the world as we perceive it physically (5 senses). Mental/Emotional Body – is our connection to our ‘mind', the Labyrinth within, the second heart (not to be confused with the third eye). This body is actually the most difficult to fathom and therefore is our biggest challenge as we spiritually grow. It can be compared to a computer that has many viruses and as we grow we are removing one virus at a time. As this is taking place we are needing to rewire thus effecting us emotionally and physically (what we call spiritual growing pains). Spiritual Body – this is where most collectively are jumping into. It is where we can connect with the 6th senses. It creates a ‘high’ that has us coming back for more. This is the body that is connected to upon use of most drugs and medicines such as; alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms, peyota, cocaine, and the list goes on. It is the body that shows us the vastness of what is. It is where most believe they are activated. The spiritual disillusion takes place when we feed one body, maybe even two, though neglect the other. In order to truly activate in our purity we must allow our receptor (physical body), to receive both connections derived from our Mental and Spiritual Bodies. Once we accomplish this, the catalyst to ultimate action is activated – TRUTH. This takes practice, patience and perseverance. It is not easy, though rewarding in the purest way! When we don’t combine the three bodies as we grow, tending to each one equally, similarly to that of a plant, which needs water, light, and air, we will naturally exhibit areas of imbalance thus effecting the status of our growth. I have witnessed the effects of those on the disillusioned spiritual path. They range from the individual causing harm to oneself by allowing unserving energies dominance (usually these energies are guised as light), to one harming another by becoming an energy vampire in the name of light. And we know the domino effect of vampires, once bitten, one may feel ill at first (guised by the idea of a healing crisis), then a surge of energy, and then the one bitten will need to feed the same way – off others. This disillusioned spiritual path is EGO driven. It is the professor of gifts not the gifter. As a Warrior of Light my oath is TRUTH, therefore the TRUTH is revealed. If you seek TRUTH you shall find, always, and all shall be exposed. The question is, are seeking TRUTH or do you just like the high?

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