Plant Spirits - White Eastern Cedar

"I am the lion of the forest, known as the Tree of Life.

When bathing or drinking me, I fill your cells with life force, oxygen, breath, Niya. This life force cleanses, purifies and heals ALL. I can heal arthritis, rheumatism, hormonal imbalances, coughs, colds, cancers, pleurisy, and more. Intention, respect, integrity, responsibility and offering are of high importance when using my medicine. I am one of the Standing Ones that work well with a Medicine Woman/man, as the power of my medicines can be overwhelming or may need to be facilitated to ensure full benefit and for this reason I am particular in the avail of my medicines. For most I will alleviate and soothe, though my magic runs deeper."

Spirit of White Eastern Cedar

Medicinal Use

One can benefit from the medicinal properties of cedar by use in a bath, tea, poultice, oil, steam, ointment, and smudge.

Cedar Smudge - a ritual act where fresh cedar is burned creating smoke that is used to cleanse, purify, and protect on an extracellular level and that which we know to be our aura/ force field. When we inhale the cedar smoke, the smoke pulls out that which is unserving (to a degree) to be released to the cosmos to be transformed to its intended state of love.

Cedar Bath – boil a large pot of water with cedar leaves, twigs and bark for at least 2 hours. Add this decoction to your bath and bathe for minimum of 20 minutes. This is best paired with a cup of cedar tea. *This combination if facilitated by a Medicine Woman can serve to heal within ALL bodies, it is a very powerful ceremony.

Cedar Tea – boil water with cedar leaves, twigs, and bark for 30 minutes, discard of the water, reboil for 30-40 minutes and then drink. It is not uncommon for the tea to slightly upset your stomach the first time.

Cedar Resin - resin can be collected right from the bark and can be used topically for wounds, skin care and fungus infections. Internally resin is good for bacterial infections, vitality, oxygenating of the cells, and as an immune enhancer. The resin can also be used as incense holding the same properties with added health benefits as the cedar smudge.

Cedar oil - this is a process of pulling out the healing natural oils which are used for many ailments effecting the respiratory system, skin, and mouth.

Cedar Poultice - following the same instructions for the bath, when the cedar and water have boiled for the time specified, soak a towel and apply to inflamed joints, sprains, and cramps.

Cedar Steam - following the same instructions for the bath, when the cedar and water have boiled, pour a big bowl full, place a towel over your head and bowl allowing the steam to release congestion in the respiratory system and also great for cleansing pores.

Gathering The Plant

When gathering the plant it is important to take a moment and give the plant respect, ask for permission to gather what is needed. Share why! Make an offering as Thanksgiving. Only gather what is needed making sure to not harm the plant in anyway. It is always imperative to gather with the intention of preservation. If it is a root needed ensure there are other plants and tend to them until they seed. When discarding of the plant used, this must be done equally with respect. Gift the used plant to one of its kind as nourishment for its healthy growth.

Plants medicinal properties are most potent when freshly gathered, which is why gathering only when needed is encouraged. Therefore we benefit wholly from the plant and we also become an integral part of the process, as was intended.

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