Desensitization of the Senses

How far we have come from the reality of what is, the true essence of Life that the Great Spirit intended. We were conceived in darkness, grew in darkness and then were born into light. Within the womb of our mother is where we first connected with the gift of our physical senses (touch, taste, smell, sound), already connected to the all knowing (our 6 sense, which is comprisable of many attributes). Sight came with the light and was intended as so, so we could truly connect with the first 4 physical senses with the intention of not being disillusioned by the perception that sight can bring. When we can truly appreciate the first 4 senses, we can honor the beauty way in all with the gift of sight. These physical senses are gifts from the Great Spirit intended to guide us on our Earth Walk. It is through these senses that we were intended to learn, understand, grow, and teach and ultimately experience ‘heaven as Earth’. It was another aspect of Life intended to bring pleasure through awareness of everything possible. The ever expanding, growing, changing WHOLE that we are all part of.

So, what happened? Over stimulation from birth on. Our senses are reactive to all stimuli and with the abundance of unnatural stimuli our senses receptors become desensitized. The desensitization has us ‘wanting' more and more, with the drive of fulfillment. This fulfillment is based on the distortion that resulted from overstimulation. Our senses carry a knowing from the womb and remember the intended state of pleasure they ensued, though with the distortion lies confusion leading us to the idea of unfulfillment. For example, a baby upon birth is presented with distractions such as toys, soothers, gloves, electronics, Wi-Fi, commercialized foods, clothing, and the list goes on, you get the point. These unnatural stimuli have an accumulative effect and as the baby grows, baby demands and/or is given more, therefore feeding into the perpetual feeling of unfulfillment. The baby has been robbed of his/her innate ability to appreciate the gifts intended by the Great Spirit. You can see how this leads to a society of over consumerization, which is really just a society desensitized of their senses.

The detachment to our 6th sense, which is comprisable of many aspects such as; clairaudiant, clairvoyant, clairsentience, claircognizance, and so on can also be understood in reference to overstimulation. This overstimulation is what led to the ‘cutting of the umbilical cord to the universe’, which usually happens around the age of 7. This was put in place as a protective barrier for the WHOLE. The overstimulation resulting in desensitization, created the need for more and was the birth of greed among other shadow attributes. You can just imagine if we had the abilities of our 6th sense and shadow became the driver.

Therefore, this helps us to understand the path we are on if we choose the Red Road, the path ‘back’ to WHOLENESS, back to the womb, back to the darkness. This is why when we choose the Red Road we begin to simplify our lives, detaching from tangible items that we relearn have no equity in regards to our fulfillment. As we continue to simplify, we begin to become more sensitive to the natural intended state of Life and……that is when we begin to experience the magic of Life as intended. It seems like we are experiencing things for the first time, though there is an odd familiarity that reminds us of home, the womb.

This is when the Red Road and the Blue Road intersect on the Medicine Wheel of Life and our spoke is reactivated. We begin to shine again as the many sacred fires do in the night sky. We reunite with Great Spirit that resides in all!

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