Plant Spirits - Sage

“I am sage, a true ally of the 2 legged. If you cultivate me with respect I will grow stronger with each season that passes. The power within me will be shared with you upon respectful collection and preservation. Allow me to grow plentiful and when the time of the dark moons arises you shall gather me. Upon collection know I can be used fresh and dried. I possess an ability to protect, upholding boundaries. I can blow life within as my smoke rises and extract death. Thus I can purify. I can treat ailments from headaches, pains, poor digestion, low bile production, fever and respiratory sicknesses. As I said I am an ally of the 2 legged.”

Spirit of Sage

Medicinal Uses

One can benefit from the medicinal properties of Sage by use in a bath, tea, poultice, salve, steamed, and smudge.

Sage Smudge – a ritual act where dried sage is burned creating a thick smoke, which is used to cleanse and protect on an extracellular level and that which we know to be our aura/ force field. When we inhale the sage smoke, we inhale new life and simultaneously that which is dead is extracted and thus released to complete the Circle of Life. Sage has the ability to create boundaries and therefore is a strong plant ally when performing any ceremony where energies feel uncertain.

When smudging with sage it is so intended to use loose dry sage. This is so to allow for a heavy smoke to be formed, and not to be physically holding the Medicine that is serving as so intended. Also it is important that the sage completely burns to then be returned to Mother Earth as nourishment. When we use in bundle form we hold parts of the energies intended to be released. We also are not following through with the offering there after as nourishment.

Place the sage in a clay bowl, abalone shell or like and give Thanksgiving and set prayers before use. When ready light by match and use a feather to increase the intensity of the smoke. Always smudge self first and then others and/or space dependent. Smudging is an honorary responsibility and not to be taken lightly.

Sage Bath – bring a pot of water to a boil, add fresh or dry sage leaves, take off of heat, cover and let steep for 15-20 minutes. Add this to a bath and soak for a minimum of 20 minute. This is beneficial for fever, headaches, body aches, skin ailments and ceremonial cleansing.

Sage Tea – bring a pot of water to a boil, add sage dry or fresh (1tsp/cup), steep for 15 minutes and drink. The tea is great for soothing respiratory complaints, cognitive disorders, appetite balancer, free radicals, and digestive support.

Sage Poultice – following the same method as tea tweaking the ratio (2tsp/cup) soak a cloth during the time specified to steep, remove cloth and apply to area of need. This can be helpful for headaches, arthritic pains, and skin condition such as eczema and psoriasis.

Sage Paste/Salve – crushing the fresh leaves until they resemble a paste. This can be applied to wounds, arthritic pains, skin conditions, and can be eaten in specified doses treating acute and chronic conditions such as cancers, rheumatism, and cognitive disorder..

Sage Steam – follow the instructions for the tea and then pour hot tea into an large open bowl, place a towel over head and bowl allowing the steam to invigorate, clear, and eradicate bacteria and fungus.

Gathering The Plant

When gathering the plant it is important to take a moment and give the plant respect, ask for permission to gather what is needed. Share why! Make an offering as Thanksgiving. Only gather what is needed making sure to not harm the plant in anyway. It is always imperative to gather with the intention of preservation. If it is a root needed ensure there are other plants and tend to them until they seed. When discarding of the plant used, this must be done equally with respect. Gift the used plant to one of its kind as nourishment for its healthy growth.

Plants medicinal properties are most potent when freshly gathered, which is why gathering only when needed is encouraged. Therefore we benefit wholly from the plant and we also become an integral part of the process, as was intended.

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