Plant Spirit - Marijuana

“I am Marijuana, watch me grow. I attract a lot of attention. I thrive within the earth of our mother, though will deplete her soil, which is why it is best that my companions vary. Manipulation is necessary when grown in captivity and for this it is known, that when left to be FREE, I am a true gem to be. My medicine is potent and can benefit those with cancer, eye disorders, neuron dysfunction, skin diseases, and rheumatism. I am great for pain relief, OCD, stress, and anxiety. Though it must be said again, I attract a lot of attention. I am a Medicine that gets forgotten to be treated as so. Only take what you need, for how long you need and then let me be. Yes, I am alluring, though too much of anything is never good for anybody.” Spirit of Marijuana

Marijuana is as the wild woman. She does not want to be tamed or controlled nor overused and abused.

Marijuana showed me herself and how she works her medicines within our body. She connects specifically with our neurons, which then in turn carry messages to the intended cell, effecting the tissue, and thus effecting the organ and in completion the organ system. This is the power of this magical herb. It has this powerful ability to create CHANGE starting at the cellular level. Though she also showed me that that when we use her medicine for lengths at a time (usually more than 3 months, dependent) she can actually begin to cause the very ailments we are using her to heal, as is similar for most plant medicines. She knows that it is easy for her to become a crutch and does not encourage this stature. She wants us to re-member that she is only a tool in the Medicine box and that our truest healing occurs from our own juices.

It is important to note that whether we are growing our own or foraging plant medicines that we honor their Spirit through the nourishment of treatment. Recognizing and acting in the knowing that we are all equal in the HOOP OF LIFE.

Medicinal Uses

One can benefit from the medicinal properties of Marijuana by use in tea, oil, inhale (smoked), and eaten.

Marijuana tea – in a coffee grinder blend the bud(s) of the plant. Bring a pot of water to boil, add ground marijuana (1 tsp/cup) and let summer for 30 minutes. Pour in a mug filtering the grinds. This is beneficial for headaches, rheumatic and arthritic pain, fever, congestion, and circulatory complaints.

Marijuana Oil – This process starts off with grinding, then bake on low heat (225) for 45 minutes. Using a double boiler place either coconut oil or olive oil in the pot with equal parts to water, bring to a low simmer and add the marijuana toasted grinds to oil/water mix. Watch that the oil does not get too hot as this will determine the viability of your oil. Cook for a minimum of 2 hours stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and pour into a glass jar filtering out grinds. Let cool and the oil and water will separate. Remove the oil and there is your homemade CBD oil. The benefits are variant, from supporting neuron dysfunction, cell regeneration, free radical scavenger, pain relief, cognitive function, topically for skin ailments, anxiety, OCD, sleep disorders and the lists goes on. This method can be ingested or used topically.

Marijuana Inhale – well this one is self explanatory – roll it and smoke it. It couples well with organic sage and tobacco. The psychoactive symptoms are dependent on strain. Used to alleviate pain mostly and increase cognitive function momentarily.

Marijuana Eaten – the leaves and bud can be ingested raw or cooked. Raw ingestion of leaves offers you the great health benefits that we know green leafy vegetables to contain. Raw ingestion of the buds is used for inflammation, cognitive function, an physical systemic allocation. When the buds are cooked at (225) for 45 minutes and then eaten in which ever way desired (can be added to baked goods and smoothies) the effect are directed to neuron dysfunction, pain relief, and third eye and crown opening.

Gathering the Plant When gathering the plant, it is important to take a moment and give the plant respect, ask for permission to gather what is needed. Share why! Make an offering as Thanksgiving. Only gather what is needed making sure to not harm the plant in anyway. It is always imperative to gather with the intention of preservation. If it is a root needed ensure there are other plants and tend to them until they seed. When discarding of the plant used, this must be done equally with respect. Gift the used plant to one of its kind as nourishment for its healthy growth.

A plants medicinal properties are most potent when freshly gathered, which is why gathering only when needed is encouraged. Therefore, we benefit wholly from the plant and we also become an integral part of the process, as was intended.

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