Plant Spirit - Sunflower


“Hello, I am Sunflower, hear me roar. The Lion of the flower plants, I am. My medicine is deep and variant. My mane calls to the sun summoning the directory of its energies. I am the protector of those nearby me. My seeds are the stairway to heaven. My food is nourishment to the traveller. Use all parts seen to help with digestion, the reproductive system, thyroid function, and energy. Remember to share my seeds with the birds, squirrels and like as the medicine of my plant is sustaining.”

Spirit of Sunflower

It is important to note that whether we are growing our own or foraging plant medicines that we honor their Spirit through the nourishment of treatment. Recognizing and acting in the knowing that we are all equal in the HOOP OF LIFE.

Medicinal Uses

One can benefit from the medicinal properties of Sunflower by use in a tea, bath, poultice and food.

Sunflower Tea – a Tea can be made using the flower petals, leaves and stalk (peel outer layer), dry or fresh. The stalk is best used from wild sunflowers, otherwise the young garden stalks are suggested. One can cut the stalk in small pieces or crush into a paste. If using stalks boil for 20 min and then add petals and leaves, then steep for 15 minutes. If using paste, skip the boiling step and just steep. This is beneficial for all digestive concerns, supports cardiovascular, kidney and thyroid function, and lung ailments. It is an overall immune booster as each part used has a variety of nutrients, the stem holds the water cleansed by Mother Earth, and the petals hold light energy unfiltered.

Sunflower Bath – add fresh petals to bath water and bathe for a minimum of 20 minutes. This will support the relief of fever, rheumatism and lung ailments. Also is very invigorating and uplifting!

Sunflower Poultice – steep petals and leaves for 15 -20 minutes, strain and soak a cotton cloth in decoction. Apply to insect bites to relieve inflammation.

Sunflower Food – the leaves, (with veins removed), flowers, young sprouts, seeds, roots and stems can be eaten. The leaves are less bitter when picked young and a great add to a mixed green salad or steamed in a stir fry. High in fiber, B vitamins and loaded with minerals. The flowers are very bitter and great to add color to your summer salads with the added benefit of supporting digestive juices. Stalks are best used from the wild or young garden stalks. Peel the outer layer and cut into small pieces, add to salads or sautee. A bitter for sure and therefore a great digestive support. The roots can be consumed raw or roasted and used in salads, stir frys and teas. Overall this powerful plant can be used from root to seed and is collective nutrient dense.

Sunflower seeds are most definitely special. They are the stairway to heaven when placed at the burial site of a loved one. When consumed they have the ability to boost our immune system, sustain us for long periods of time and help regulate the reproductive system. They contain a powerful punch of nutrients that support our nervous system, epithelial tissue, glucose regulation, and cognitive function just to mention a few of the amazing benefits.

Gathering the Plant When gathering the plant, it is important to take a moment and give the plant respect, ask for permission to gather what is needed. Share why! Make an offering as Thanksgiving. Only gather what is needed making sure to not harm the plant in anyway. It is always imperative to gather with the intention of preservation. If it is a root needed ensure there are other plants and tend to them until they seed. When discarding of the plant used, this must be done equally with respect. Gift the used plant to one of its kind as nourishment for its healthy growth.

A plants medicinal properties are most potent when freshly gathered, which is why gathering only when needed is encouraged. Therefore, we benefit wholly from the plant and we also become an integral part of the process, as was intended.

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