Physical Integration - The Laws of Physicality

We have heard the word integration and understand it on a fundamental level when it pertains to tangible happenings, though do we really understand the ebb and flow of integration when it involves that which is intangible. The teachings to follow will focus on physical integration, explaining when we first integrate with our physical body in knowing, and the continued layers of integration that one initiates through on their earth walk.

Physical Integration pertains to our physical body rewiring, thus adjusting to a new state of knowing. This knowing initially activates within our spiritual body, which then is digested by our mental body, and finally integrated within our physical body aligning our spirit, mind, and body, which in turn ignites our eternal flame. Physical integration first occurs anytime between the age of 3 and 5 and then reoccurs throughout our earth walk dependent on one’s choices thereafter. Each integration is the final initiation of any teaching. We chose to be physical beings and therefore must feel through the adjustments, acknowledging the growth. With each layer of growth integrated, the physical consequences lighten with intensity.

Our first physical integration will be a memory most likely buried deep within that we may or may not recollect. Though if you are a parent and are awake to this knowing you may be honored to witness and thus support your little ones first integration. Some of the evident signs that your little one is flowing through integration is insomnia, dream terrors, fever, vomiting, weak, emotional, and fear of the dark. This layer is the one that allows us to integrate the knowing that we are physical beings that are bound by the laws of physicality. This knowing is overwhelming for a little one and is also recognized as a death. Death to a perception that carried no consequences, to then birth the physical awareness of separation accepted within the laws of physicality. This means we have come into complete knowing of our 5 senses and that our physical bodies are bound to Mother Earth, therefore birthing the physical awareness of physical separation. This integration carries the feeling of loss as we enter into our knowing that we have chosen to experience life as ONE. Reminding our little ones of that which they already know, that they are part of the WHOLE, will soon soothe this integration and honor this initiation. This truly marks the activation of one’s mission.

The laws of physicality pertain to that which binds us to Mother Earth.

  1. We are physical beings, which is defined as energy that can taste, smell, hear, touch, and see, resulting in an energetic reaction to the correlated sense.

  2. Our physical body shall be nourished by Mother Earth.

  3. We shall protect Mother Earth.

  4. We shall return to Mother Earth

As spirits whom have chosen to exist within the laws of physicality we vibrate to the number 4 when in complete balance, fully integrated.

The opportunity of continued growth is what we know to be magic. It is what brings liveliness to the mundane. When we choose to believe and trust in the that which is unseen and connect with our sixth sense, we allow for the integration of the spiritual body to the WHOLE. This is where we ebb and then flow into the process of digestion in the mental body and ultimately rewiring within the physical body. This process is always a choice, every step of the way. This means we can choose to block integration. Damming the river right from the get go would be a crown block or allowing our logical mind to over analyze, discredit, and/or dismiss would be blocking the reception. If we flowed through the process and arrived at physical integration, we can suppress by means of ignorance and allow for allopathic diagnosis to be the sole guide to treatment. Signs of physical integration are anything from the common cold to cancer. When we choose to feel the dis-ease within our physical body and honor with recognition then we become consciously attune to the receipt of messages intended.

Physical integration is something to be celebrated. If you have reached this stage of initiation you have almost completed your teaching. As physical beings we need to honor our 5 senses, our physical gifts that allow us to have experiences incomparable to any other form of energy. Our physical compass is strategically aligned to provide us with direction at any point along our journey. To under- estimate the power of the physical body and its ability is ignorant. It is a necessity as part of our intended state of being and is an integral part for whole body integration.

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