The Illusion of Manifestation

Manifestations are thoughts formed tangible. They are the physical form of that which we think. They are a direct connection to the mental body.

We are all manifesting, all the time. The question is, what are you manifesting?

If we are all manifesting all the time, why so much talk about how to manifest?

Manifestations are solely beneficial physically. They are the result of our concentrated thoughts. The more we practice the power of thought, the stronger the tangible form of that/those thoughts.

For many, manifestations are formed from desirable thoughts such as wanting a nicer car, a house for our family, a new job, a specific lifestyle, and money. For others, whom are weighted by that which does not serve them, manifestations are formed from undesirable thoughts such as jealousy, hate, violence, and separation.

Manifestations are happening all the time, as so are our thoughts. Though the result of the manifestation is based on the level of integration of the one. Meaning the balance within our bodies (mental, physical, and spiritual) is dependent on the tangible manifestation. Our thoughts manifested may not always manifest as we thought. Our thoughts manifested are in service of the one and thus the whole. Therefore, we are to experience through our own manifested thoughts that which will serve our whole growth. Manifestations are the teachings we are ready to receive.

The illusion of manifestation is that we are in control. Why else would we want to consciously manifest? To create an outcome that we want. To manifest is to be in the future, and we are encouraged to live in the NOW, to be. This is the reason we are taught that when we can empty our mind (thoughts), we are better able to enter a meditative state. It is not that we need to learn how to manifest, as it more about understanding the gift of growth offered through manifestation. Manifestation is driven by the ‘I’ and when we understand ‘we’, then we will shift from manifestation to the power of PRAYER.

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