Spirit Body - is Spirit connection, the doorway to other realms are open (ancestors, animals, fairies, to name a few). This is where we can tap into our super powers of claraudient, clairvoyant, and mind reading amongst other abilities.  Messages are delivered and our ability to decipher enhances.

Animal Guides 

Mother Earth encompasses so much from the tiniest plant to the tallest tree, to the stone people, to the veins that run through her, to of course, all the tiny critters, animals and birds. 

I want to discuss animal totems and/or guides. The animal world reaches out to us in the physical realm, in ours minds eye (suspended in time and space-connection to all realms), and our dream travels. 

We have 9 totem animals, the two that walk on either side of us, which are with us from a young age, if not from birth, and then there is an animal for each of the 7 winds (directions). 

Discovering all your totem animals does not usually occur at once, it is a process in which each animal will reveal themself to you when you are ready for their medicine . 
It is also certain that throughout your Earth walk other animal guides, separate from your totems will offer their medicine(s).
You will know when an animal is trying to reach you if you just attune to your 6 senses. Really that just means awaken the child within. 
The best way to benefit from the medicine(s) each animal has to offer is to learn about their characteristics, behaviors, and lifestyle. Also the context in which the animal presented itself to you usually plays an important role in regards to the message being delivered. Most animal guides are patient, though one must give thanks and be a willing and eager student to make use of the medicines offered and to decipher messages delivered. Mother Earth is a wonderfully loving mother that only wants what is best for ALL her children . She offers us much help during our Earth walk guiding us down the the Red Road. The animal guides are just one, though very important, example of her devotion to her human children . Learning to re-establish bonds with Our Earth Mother is imperative for the healing and survival of future generations. When we, as a species, can understand that we are part of the animal kingdom and are meant to return to our place within it and not continue our separateness, can we begin to truly respect and love our Mother again.

For more insight into specific Animal Guides check out our blog and look up the animal name in tags. 

Galactic Phenomenas - Solstices and Equinoxes

Our Ancestors tracked galactic phenomenas for much more complex reasons than we understand today. I have made some connections through my dream travels and messages from Spirit and am sharing my understanding (which in the grand scheme is just a twinkle of understanding).

My research brought me to Chaco Canyon where ancient findings of two spiral petroglyphs (one large and one small) were carved on slabs of stone which allowed for tracking of the Solstices and Equinoxes.


The thunderbolts (known as sundaggers) represent where the light was recorded to land during the Solstices and Equinoxes. Only during the Equinoxes does the light land on both spirals.

My understanding from Spirit (which is just a glimpse) is to look at the Spirals as Medicine Wheels (Circle of Life). The Solstices land on the Red Road (North and South line, Human) and the Equinoxes land on the Blue Road (East and west line, Spirit).


All 4 happenings symbolise an altered energy flow and our Ancestors were privileged in knowing how to harness and make use of these gifts. This Wisdom is not lost and is slowly being revealed as our Ancestors return to aid us in our birth/rebirth.

The Equinoxes are yet another portal/gateway, hence the light markings through both spirals. Also the Equinoxes landing on the Blue Road signifies a strong connection to Spirit. This is and was a time for shifts, endings and new beginnings, death and rebirth, METAMORPHOSIS! In the past these shifts were not noticeable to the human (at least most), though with the rapid acceleration of the 'consciousness' we now will feel the 'growing pains'.

Stay in the LIGHT and the ONE shall rise above.

7 Grandfather Teachings
The link below is the story of The 7 Grandfather Teachings.  These are the teachings the First Elder gave us as gifts of knowledge that he received from the 7 Grandfathers.  These teachings were gifted to us to help guide, protect and support us on our Earth Walk. These gifts were to be a daily reminder of that which we have to give Thanksgiving for and now more than ever we need to re-member them if we are to preserve Mother Earth and next 7 generations. 
These teachings give us direction and balance.  It is imperative that we learn, teach and share the 7 Grandfather Teachings, as it our responsibility to take care of the children and of Mother Earth. The children are the ones who must care for Mother Earth tomorrow, and for the generations to come.
To journey deeper into 7 Grandfather Teachings
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