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Medicine Wheel Teachings of The 9 Sacred Directions

An Anishnabe Vision













The Medicine Wheel is the path we are taught to know as the way.  The way our Ancestors traveled.  The way of harmony and balance will All Our Relatives. 

The Medicine Wheel is layered and thus complex when trying to comprehend all that it is.  Though when we flow with the river and allow the teachings to be our guide, it is quite simple.  As that is the way of my people, simplicity. 

The vision once came of a people whom lived long ago.  They lived in Utopia.  All was in balance and thus all lived in harmony.  Life was simple. “When levels split”, Spirit says, is when the great shift of polarity was birthed. The Human Tribe (not all) began their Earth Walk in resistance to the Medicine Wheel (for explanatory purposes {*1} counter clockwise according to my diagram), which disrupted the natural cyclical flow of life.  This was the birth of the ego. The 2 Leggeds that remained on the path went into hiding, dividing themselves up to reach the 4 corners of Mother Earth with Father Sky as their compass.  They did not hide out of fear, though preservation for the next 7 generations.  They began working diligently to create ways in which to birth the return of the path as so intended.  The creations were guided, protected and supported by Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.  The creations were a combination of tools intended to ignite the TRUTH within the Finders (The Chosen Ones).  It is upon the discovery of these creations that the WHOLE will return to its intended state of harmony and balance – Utopia.

These people were the Original People. Today the bloodlines of the Original People are still present, and it is within these bloodlines that the memories remain, and thus the way shall not be forgotten. The Original People were closely related to the Standing Ones, their bond was the basis of survival. Physiologically we understand that our DNA is almost identical to that of a Standing One, and for this precise reason we must re-member our bond through reconnection for our survival.


The 9 Sacred Directions

The Medicine Wheel is multidimensional and can be compared to the energy of what we know to be a spiral.  Its entirety is complex, though I will break it down to the simplest understanding and from there it is yours to unveil. 

The 4 corners in which our Ancestors traveled, was to preserve the ways and is represented by the {*3} 4 winds of change in the Medicine Wheel.  We understand this to be North, East, South, and West. I will use the directions for explanatory reasons in the diagram attached, though the directions were a foreign concept to the Ancestors, they knew the 4 winds of change – the 4 elements.  Wind is the embodiment of all that is and therefore is the carrier, the messenger. 

The North is known as the messenger of Air.  It is the place on the Medicine Wheel where the Elder {*2} (52 -) and child (0-12 sit.  This is the {*4} seat of retrospection, wisdom, purity, stillness, observation, clarity, completeness, balance and the teacher.  This is where our spirit is closest to Father Sky. We know where we came from and where we shall return. We know life on Mother Earth to be but a spiral of eternity. We feel light, content, playful, appreciative, abundant, and present.

The East is known as the messenger of Fire. It is the place on the Medicine Wheel where the adolescent (13-25) sits.  This is the seat of epiphanies, revelations, new beginnings, responsibility to human tribe, and entrance to our truth.  This is where our spirit is emanating love from our reflection of Grandfather Sun.  We feel the openness to share this love and receive it.  We feel vibrant, strong, healthy, full, passionate, excited, exploratory, and present.


The South is known as the messenger of Earth.  It is the place on the Medicine Wheel where the adult (26-38) sits. This is the seat of action, practice, implementation, walk the talk, drive, change, and fruition. This is where our spirit activates all bodies (mental, physical, spiritual) consciously, with the assistance of Mother Earth as an Anchor.  This allows for all teachings to be embodied wholly.  We feel self worthy, diligent, precise, focused, grounded, aware, conscious, and present.

The West is known as the messenger of Water.  It is the place on the Medicine Wheel where the Wise One (39-52) sits. This is the seat of experience, introspection, guided, equality, unity, living one’s truth, and the leader and guide.  This is where our spirit creates with the guidance of Grandmother Moon.  We create as our Ancestors did, we create tools for the children of today, the promise of tomorrow. To ensue remembrance through eternal connection. We feel awake, creative, internal, clear, responsible, complete, and present.

The Center is the messenger of ALL - the combination of all that is and all that is not, The Great Spirit.  Each wind of change and each layer of the Medicine Wheel carries an aspect of the Great Spirit. It is not to know the ALL or to be the ALL, though to wholly embody the many aspects presented through one’s eternal walk.


The Medicine Wheel can be compared to a bike wheel. The hub of the wheel is the Great Spirit and the spokes, the 4 winds of change. Each part an integral part in the function of the wheel.  Neither one wanting to be the other, and all working in harmony and balance supporting the eternal flow.

The Medicine Wheel is our way. We see ourselves, our family unit, our Community, and all our relatives as a Medicine Wheel – a circle within a circle, within a circle.



*1Clock wise and counter clockwise are only terms used to explain the concept of following the path as so intended, the way. The Medicine Wheel guides, protects and supports in accordance with energy and is not bound by a specific directional flow. 

*2The age specifications within each direction are only used for explanatory reasons. We are flowing through each wind of change at any given age and even multiple winds of a change at time.

*3The 4 winds of change are not designated to one direction, only for explanatory reasons I allocate accordingly. 

*4The seat also presents shadow aspects within each wind of change, as polarity is now perceived in our existence.


9 Sacred Directions - Diagram