Don't ignore these common                                                                                      symptoms.....burping and yawning.

                                                           Burping (not referring to right after a meal)

                                                           Burping is a release of energy no longer                                                                  needed or 'healthy' for one's being. Do you                                                            ever get the feeling that you need to keep                                                              burping, with the feeling that you can't                                                                    stop until there is a release?                                                                                               

This is built up energy that is necessary to be released to make room for the 'new'. The energy being released is stagnant and when not released can      cause dis-ease within the mind, body, and/or Spirit. There are obviously other methods of releasing, though this one is often overlooked as indigestion.

Yawning (whether from lack of sleep or not) is another energy exchange.

Funny, but lack of sleep can actually be healing on some levels. When we yawn there is an exchange on a physical level (oxygen/carbon dioxide) and on a Spiritual level (positive energy/negative energy), ultimately effecting our mental/emotional well-being. This process acts as a clearing, a natural built in purification system. Ever notice that yawning is contagious? Healing can be contagious as well!

Both these 'symptoms' of energy release or exchange are associated with Breath, either the release (burp) or exchange (yawn). Breath is significant of Spirit. As LIFE is in constant motion and nothing can remain the same, our SPIRIT understands this and follows the Spiral of Life (gestation/birth/death/rebirth). When we come to understand this on a fundamental level (human rationale), we begin to partake 'knowingly' in this process allowing for the fusing of ALL we are. When we achieve this, the colors of the rainbow within fuse (the chakras/energy centers) and the alchemy of such a transformation is ONE IRIDESCENT SPIRAL.

Spiritual Energy Exchange

Most of us have heard of 'grounding'.....explained are the essence of its origins.


Our feet, specifically the soles, when connecting with Earth Mother creates an activation...an awakening of our 'cell memory'.  The saying 'don't forget where you came from', has some truth.  It is important to connect with the 'past' in order to understand the 'future' and act in the 'NOW' (the present). Yes, they are ALL in actuality the same when understanding the concept of 'time and space'. Though when we become 'disconnected' from any part of the WHOLE, confusion sets in. 

 Imagine it like you are an energy 'pole' that harnesses and transmutes energy. Access to energy is unlimited coming from Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather Sun. Father Sky is the container. These energies carry different abilities and are ALL needed to activate the 'pole' so, that the 'pole' can complete it's task.....it's heart song.....it's souls purpose.

Warriors of Light have a duty to release ALL from oppression by walking our walk and activating our individual 'poles'. There is power in numbers....the more poles activated, harnessing and transmuting, the brighter the 'light' shines for others.

The shadow is only the 'delusion'.

As I stood outside one night giving thanks to the magnificent Grandmother Moon....she spoke to me.
Here is what she explained....

Grandmother Moon gifts us with energy that flows in through our 'crown', penetrating right through our feet into Mother Earth. For women this is that much more powerful as the feminine of 3 connect....Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth, and the woman. Not only does this energy charge us, but if we can stand barefoot for just a little bit in the glory of Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth receives the charge that has been amplified once passing through us...the ultimate connection. This is a CHARGE.

Grandfather Sun's energies of warmth......LOVE in it's entirety, enter us through our Hearts. This is healing at it's core. This energy has the ability to transform....the secrets of alchemy lie in the Wakan of Grandfather Sun.
This is a CHARGE.

When we are OPEN, we have that much more of an ability to receive and utilize the gifts from Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun.

Essence of Grounding

Outer Body - the human and the human shell, to be respected as it is our vehicle. It is our means to physical connection with the human of others. It is the keeper of the five senses that gifts us humanly pleasures.

Inner Body - the energy centers also known as chakras (root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, and crown), the rainbow within. When all centers are working in harmony they are like gears in motion allowing 'the machine' (the inner body) to run smoothly (healthy). As within so without. This allows for the true heart activation and 'awareness' to the ONE.

The Vehicle

The physical body is the vehicle the Great Spirit provided for us during our Earth Walk.  It is the machine that allows us to function in the physical realm.  It is what we as humans require to identify ourselves, we need tangible to grasp parts of our existence.  The vehicle starts actively functioning from conception and it is our responsibility thereof to nurture this gift. 

As a Mother we take on the role of protectress and nurturer for the unborn Orenda (soul/spirit) that is forming it’s vehicle during gestation.  Upon entry into the physical realm it is the responsibility and duty of the ‘guardians’ to protect, guide and nurture this Orenda and their new vehicle until the independent responsibility is transferred.

Our Ancestors understood this responsibility and children were raised by the tribe (‘guardians’). Children were respected, loved, protected, nurtured, and guided to ensure wisdoms were passed down.  These wisdoms are the very fundamentals of LIFE. 

If we nurture the vehicle (physical body), then the mind body stays PURE and therefore can serve as the catalyst that TURNS US ON, because when we speak about transformation or metamorphosis, we are referring to the spiritual body. The spiritual body is the receptor for the mind body and the physical body is the initiator and respondent of the two combined.      


‘Fight' or ‘flight’ is a primal survival response.  It is activated from the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), the system that controls our response when we feel threatened, effecting involuntary body functions such as; our rate of breathing, heart rate, digestion, blood pressure, perspiration, pupil dilation, and excretion.  The key here is that adrenaline is released when responding with the SNS and adrenaline is one of the hormones produced in the adrenal glands,

a key player of the endocrine system (a group of glands that helps our body properly function by communicating and coordinating vital processes via hormones).  In order for our bodies 

(physical, mental, and spiritual) to maintain homeostasis, we must balance the function of the entire autonomic nervous system (ANS), which is comprised of the both the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).   The PNS is responsible for the ‘rest or ‘digest’ response and responsible for involuntary functions in the human body, though in the opposite actions of the SNS.  Our bodies (physical, mental, and spiritual) in balance require the dominant system within the ANS to be the PNS because our bodies need sufficient time to heal from the activation of the SNS.  Our adrenal glands produce not just the

The Cloak of Illusion

This article acts as a vessel to share the Ancestor’s teachings, which are that of primordial dealings. They say, “In order to shed the cloak of illusion we must understand the beginnings”. They are speaking of our primal connections to Mother Earth.  In this article I will focus on one aspect of our primordial connections to Mother Earth and All Our Relatives.  This connection relates to primal survival, a response known as ‘fight' or ‘flight’.  From there I will touch on the birth of fear and then move onto the effects fear has played on our present collective circumstances, ultimately revealing our path to reclaiming our power.



hormone adrenaline, which plays a major role in primal survival, they also produce two main groups of hormones that are essential for life.  Therefore, if we stress the adrenal glands we can cause what is known as adrenal fatigue.  This causes our adrenal glands to become sluggish in their response releasing the essential for life hormones, which are responsible for actions such as; regulating the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, blood pressure, cardiovascular function, immune response, and inflammatory reactions.

In the days of our Ancestors, the concept of a threat stemmed from circumstances that posed the potential risk of harm, pain, and/or destruction such as; a confrontation in the wild, physical initiations, childbirth, weather conditions, and/or battles among tribes.  These threats activated the SNS, releasing adrenaline, which altered any of the involuntary body functions required for the need of survival, increasing one’s physical performance for short bursts of time.  Though these threats were far and few between, allowing for the bodies to regain homeostasis.  Our bodies are magnificent vessels designed to react and recover based on primal instincts.  Just like any other animal, we have built-in response systems which allow us to co-exist within nature and among All Our Relatives. 


This is where we begin to understand the birth of fear. The primal ‘fight' or ‘flight' was a threat triggered response, very different in comparison to the present-day catalyst, fear.  Fear is an emotion with its basis a belief, where a threat is likely to cause harm and/or damage based on actual circumstance.  In North America the concept of fear was first implemented through the act of threat – actual circumstance, creating over-stimulation on the SNS (adrenal fatigue) from the constant brutality (murder, rape, kidnapping, destruction, and the list goes on…), therefore bearing the illusory concept of fear and becoming recognizable by the SNS interchangeable with threat.  Those who implemented these threats were already infiltrated by fear themselves and therefore their actions are one example of what can be the result of functioning zombies. The exact origin of fear is not certain, though evidence of such control tactics date back to the Egyptians. 


Once the concept of fear was implemented and ultimately accepted, the dark spiral began.  This new concept was created to leach energy and present the delusion of separateness because it is only from this delusional idea that we disconnect from the ONE and in turn WHOLE.  It was well planned out, as it did not exhibit its effects until decades later. The effects on the SNS from fear differ greatly in comparison to the primal response from threat.  The response from fear is a slow release of adrenaline, usually unrecognizable consciously, though its effects physically, mentally, and spiritually are detrimental and present themselves when the dis-ease has already manifested within our bodies.  Fear became an umbrella for many other emotions which also activated the SNS, emotions such as; anxiety, panic, phobias, and nervousness. Though these

 emotions including fear were not primal, they were self imposed, and these self-imposed emotions have shaped how we live today.  Now, our present SNS responds not only to threat, fear, and its ally emotions, but to every day circumstances that create what we call stress.  So, it is safe to assume that the majority of the Human Tribe (especially those living in 1st World countries) are suffering from adrenal fatigue.


Fear came with the intent to destroy, by leeching LIFE FORCE under the radar to feed the dark spiral we understand as the shadow. We are so invested in fear that we don’t even realize that the basis of almost all our decisions stem from fear.  This is evident when we look at the health statistics of most 1st world countries.  Health is the entry point for loss of LIFE FORCE, and health relates to all bodies (physical, mental, and spiritual).  The delusion of separateness created by fear was accomplished through loss of LIFE FORCE, initially effecting the individual, creating a disconnect to the ONE and in turn the WHOLE.  Our present day collective circumstance, when viewed from a birds’-eye view, exhibits perforations – loss of LIFE FORCE – dis-ease of the collective. This reference to loss of LIFE FORCE or leeched energy is what I describe as perforations in our force field (*1).






The fatigued adrenals are a direct line in understanding the many dis-eases plaguing 1st World countries such as; type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, heart disease, hypoglycemia, depression, cancer, and that is just a few.  Whenever a wholistic approach is taken during one’s healing process, the adrenals are always addressed because in the natural medicine world we know they are always directly or indirectly connected to all dis-ease in the bodies. 













As the collective consciousness continues to AWAKEN, we are learning to face our self-imposed fears and reveal the TRUTH of their identity.  Understanding their identity allows us to release the chains that have bound us, reclaiming our power – LIFE FORCE. Fear will no longer play a role


in the lives of the Human Tribe.  Let us return to our Mother revealing our innate primal connections, shattering the illusion of life as we perceive it and heal the individual (us) – ONE – WHOLE.



endocrine system.jpg

The average person is compromised by fear and its ally emotions due to over stimulation of the SNS, which in time manifests as dis-ease in any or all the bodies (physical, mental, and spiritual).   All dis-eases can be directly or indirectly connected to the endocrine system. The adrenals are part of the endocrine system and have the direct ability to impose malfunction within the pituitary gland, which I refer to, as the second heart (*2).   The pituitary gland is also known as the ‘master gland’ as it’s hormones control other parts of the endocrine system.  The imposition on the pituitary gland is a result of over secretion of adrenaline from the adrenal glands, ultimately resulting in adrenal exhaustion and that is when the pituitary gland takes on the load in protection of the adrenal gland to sustain LIFE – homeostasis. Once the pituitary gland has been infiltrated, the system has been hacked. From a health perspective many functions in the body become inhibited such as; hormone production in the adrenals, functioning of the ovaries and testes, healthy body composition and growth, milk production, uterine contractions necessary for birth, and thyroid function.  Along with these physical body inhibitions, the effects on the mental and spiritual bodies compromise one’s abilities to CHOOSE, people become docile and docile beings are obviously more easily persuaded, acting more as functional zombies in our society.

adrenal fatigue.jpg

So, you see, the birth of fear was a well thought out illusory belief system that carries real consequences.  The key word here, is illusory.  Life force can be regained and through the process of self healing, the cloak of illusion will be shed. Self healing is a CHOICE (sub-conscience or conscience) to AWAKEN and is the catalyst for every experience to follow.  Healing is a personal journey solely attained when one opens to the diversity of healing avenues available.  There are many keys and many doors regarding unveiling our TRUTHS, though there is only one key and one door to our personal healing and the only one who has it is us.  So, pursue the options and explore the many healing modalities that may or may not unlock doors along the journey.  Just remember it is you that solely has the power to unlock your personal healing, reclaiming your true power.  Healers provide the tools with some instruction, it is up to you to apply the teachings and further understand the instructions.  It is only through applying oneself many times over that we gain the wisdom needed to move forward on our personal medicine wheel, activating our spoke on the HOOP OF LIFE.