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Niya - An Ancient Method to Dis-spell Dark

So, here's the deal...in the realm we are functioning in, the majority of the time, 'dark' is as real as one can imagine and its polar opposite, well, is obviously 'light'. The use of breath is an ancient practice that was used to dis-spell 'dark' and release it back to the cosmos to be transformed to it's intended natural state .....LIGHT, which is LOVE.

It is not necessary to understand the origin of 'dark', though just to know that it exists and when our being is ready to release it the opportunity usually arises with the presentation of a choice that will then facilitate a transition in ones life.  These opportunities are presented in variety of ways aimed at capturing the one intended.  So, it may be as simple as the choice to change our diet and exercise regime, to a career change, ending a relationship, detoxing our body, sickness, and/or through the aid of a Warrior of Light.


As a Medicine Woman of the Black Lodge, honored by the Ancestors whom came before me and whom footsteps I walk in, the insights of this ancient healing practice among other practices have been taught to me. When connecting with the bodies (physical, mental, spiritual) of a fellow member of the Human Tribe, our energy fields intertwine and I am able, with my 6 senses to communicate with their Orenda/Spirit.  Acting as vessel for Spirit, if safe and appropriate the 'dark' is released, deshadowed, revealing the 'light' that resides in ALL. The 'dark' is then released through breath. 

The release, clearing and ultimately ignition of ones Orenda carries with it the goal of reuniting our bodies (mental, physical, spiritual) as one. Overall it is a gentle process very similar to the effects of cacao with the exception of the ability to extract what is not needed.....harmful....., but most importantly ready to be released. 

The release allows for the healing of oneself to begin deshadowing what is no longer serving making room for ones eternal flame to shine. The lighter we become the brighter we shine....thus effecting the WHOLE. We become the beacon for others, we become the Warriors of Light.

After the release it is imperative that one is gentle with oneself and allow for the natural flow to take place. We must feel EVERYTHING in order to process and release. Being human requires us to feel on all levels in order to release, there is no by passing.  It is never easy, though the rewards are incomprehensible until experienced....then joy!


This healing flow coming through me allows me to act as a vessel for all that is. It is only when permission through a message from Spirit has been given and of course the person in question is open and accepting can this healing take place.


Rewire Our Root - Live Ceremony

 'I am not trying to sell myself or anything, I am a deliverance'

CicaWa Wolf Woman

It has always been the one whom spoke and sounded crazy that were speaking the words of the Devine.

I, CicaWa Wolf Woman will be facilitating a ceremonial journey live via zoom on April 21 @ 3pm EST. 

The plague is coming, the final phase of the Thunderbird is under way. This ceremony is an opportunity to 'vaccinate' your bodies as we flow through the fire to welcome the beginning. 

To participate subscribe or send an email.

Donations for Community Carbon Trees are suggested and for the how visit www.communitycarbontrees.org


Inipi - Sweat Bath

Inipi- Sweat bath

The Inipi is respected as the first ritual rite passed to The Ancestors.  The Inipi is known as the sweat bath, a sacred space where The Ancestors gathered to cleanse, purify, heal, and ultimately experience rebirth from the womb of Mother Earth.  The Inipi was open to men and women (not for women during their moon time), though conducted separately, hosted by a ‘leader’ that would lead the sweat. The Inipi was a space to enter humbly in one’s raw authentic state…..naked.  We enter this world naked, emerging from dark to light, warm to cold, and inside to out.  This is the Inipi, our Earth Mother offering us the opportunity to re-enter to emerge as we need, in support of us healing, not only ourselves, but those that came before us and those that will come after.  This rite was introduced when the Great Spirit saw a need for the Human Tribe to cleanse, when the Great Spirit saw the effects the ‘dark’ can have on the children of the Earth.   The Inipi, now recognized as The Sweat Lodge are similar, though not the same.  The Lodge was introduced much later, after the effects of colonization in order to offer a safe house for those struggling with PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse and the many other traumatic side effects caused by the genocide of the ‘Redskins’.  The Sweat Lodge was offered to reintroduce the rite of the Inipi.  The Elders brought it back in hopes of healing the wounds of their brother and sisters.   They tend to be built larger and are more flexible with ceremony.  Both are beneficial sharing one common purpose….healing. 


Quoted from the book Lame Deer, Seeker Of Visions – Chapter 10 Inipi – Grandfather’s Breath

‘The Story of Inyan Hoksi – the Stone Boy

'The tale begins with a young girl who had five brothers.  They lived together.  The girl did the cooking, made robes out of hides and stayed with her brothers all through the seasons.  Each day the five brothers went out to hunt.  They followed the game. As soon as one place was hunted out they moved their tipi to another one.  One day they came to a creek which flowed through a canyon.  This place made them feel strange and uneasy, though they did not know why.  The brothers went out to hunt in the morning, each one choosing his own path, but when night fell only four came back.  They did not know what had happened to the one who did not return.  Four went out the next day, but only three came back.  They were scared, but still they had to hunt if they wanted to eat.  Every time they went out one brother failed to come back. 

And so the girl was left alone.  She did not know what to do.  She had nobody to bring her food or to protect her.  She didn’t even know how to pray to the spirits for help, because this happened long ago, before the people had ceremonies or ways of worshiping.  They did not dance or have pipe then.

The girl did not want to go on living alone.  She went to the top of a hill and cried.  She picked up a good-sized, round stone and swallowed it, thinking: “This will kill me.”  As soon as she had swallowed that rock she felt at peace.  She drank a little water and at once the stone began to move within her.  It made her fell happy.  She was pregnant, though she did not know what child-bearing was.  After four days she gave birth to a boy.

This Stone Boy, Inyan Hoksi, grew fast.  In one week he grew as much as others do in one year.  His mother would not let him go far, because she did not want to lose him as she had lost her brothers.  They lived on herbs and roots.  One day Stone Boy made a bow and arrow.  He took a sharp stone and chipped it into a barbed point, which he fitted to the arrow shaft.  This was the first stone arrow point.  Up to then hunters had used only pointed sticks hardened in fire.

When Stone Boy’s mother saw this bow and arrow she started to weep. He asked, “Why do you cry?” She told him, “I do not like these things, because now you will go out and hunt and never come back,” and she told him of his five uncles who had not returned.  He said, “Fix me a pair of moccasins and some food, I must go and find them.”  She cried, “But if you don’t come back, what will I do?” He only smiled at her.  “I will come back with my uncles.”

He started out early next morning.  In the evening he smelled smoke.  He followed the smoke and came to tipi before which an old, huge and ugly woman was sitting.  Next to her, propped up against her tipi, were five large bundles.  She invited him to stay and gave him some meat to eat.  When it was dark he wanted to lie down and sleep, but the old woman said, “I have a backache. I wish you would rub my back or better still, walk on it.  That will make me feel better.”  Stone Boy walked up and down on the huge woman’s back and felt something sharp sticking out of her backbone like a spear.  He told himself: “This is what she used to kill my uncles.”  He jumped high into the air and came down hard on the old woman, breaking her neck.

He built a big fire, threw the old witch in and burned her to ashes.  He looked at the five large bundles and thought: “Could these be the bodies of my uncles?” He felt the presence of spirits, heard their voices.  They told him to build a little lodge of willow sticks and hides and put the five bundles inside in a circle, to put red-hot stones from the fire into the middle of it, to take water in an animal skin bag and pour it over the rocks.

He thanked the rock.  He said, “You brought me here.”  He covered the lodge up so that no hot air could escape.  It was dark inside.  Stone Boy saw something moving in the darkness.  The souls were returning to the bodies in their bundles.  When he poured water over the rocks for the fourth time, his uncles came alive again. They started talking and singing. He told them, “The rocks saved me, and now they saved you.  And from now on this sweat house shall be sacred to us.  It will give us good health and will purify us.” That was the first inipi.’


My husband Oscar and I have built with the guidance of The Ancestors, specifically Lame Deer, a traditional Inipi.  I have been guided to offer the traditional experience to those seeking.  Spirit has guided me to empower others to reclaim their inherent gifts through practicing the first ritual rite – The Inipi.  We offer sweats to both men and women (not during a women’s moon time).  The are conducted traditionally,  meaning in our raw authentic state. There is a maximum number of participants per sweat, which will not exceed 6, plus myself for women and my husband for men.  We will meet prior to the sweat, either in person or via internet.  This is to determine through Spirit if the sweat is a option for you at this time.  This is done to protect all those attending. 

The Inipi itself will last from 45min-1 hour (sometimes longer).  We will meet and talk prior and rest, regroup and discuss after.  The WHOLE experience could last 4 hours.

I have chosen to be a vessel for Spirit, therefore the fee charged is $144 per person to cover physical necessities such as; accommodations, food and the costs of items needed for the Inipi.  Above and beyond that is seen and accepted as a gift and set aside in support of OUR VISION.

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