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Welcome to Whole Body Fit! We strive to connect, share, teach, learn, heal, and most of all LOVE. Whole Body Fit was born from the understanding that we must nurture all bodies (physical, mental, spiritual) simultaneously in order to establish homeostasis among the constant we call change.


Ultimately the three bodies reflect one another and work similar to gears in motion when homeostasis is established. We understand that through the constant we must remain flexible as our needs will change and alterations to any and all bodies must be attended to in order to flow with the river of life.

We strive to connect Physically, Mentally and Spiritually by means of gatherings, ceremonies, Inipis (traditional sweatbaths), and drumming circles to name a few and encourage the connectedness to the WHOLE by way of deliverance.

This site is designed to be a vessel in which information from Medicine Wombs/Men, the Ancestors, Animal Guides, Nature Spirits and like are shared with as many as possible. Our goal is to reach out and be reached. We are in the process of creating the tangible form of our Hearts Song. Thank you for visiting.




























The desire, which starts as a thought (sub-conscience or conscience) , to 'awaken' is the catalyst to every experience that will follow. This desire will manifest into your awareness and present itself as an opportunity to change, which can be anything from diet, relationships, work, exercise and/or location to name a few.

By facilitating the change guided by your inner knowing, know that you have just chosen the hardest task you will ever face. Congratulations! It is a commitment with no end, it is the Circle of Life.

There is nothing harder than witnessing the death of that which you 'thought' you were. It is the tornado within, also known as the THUNDERBIRD effect. It is a battle within, that will test you in all bodies (physical, mental, and spirit) to the point of madness - and at that point, euphoria - true FREEDOM. If you are BRAVE enough to weather the storm by facing the TRUTHs that lie within of dark and light, which is only accomplished by HONESTY with thyself, then you can walk with HUMILITY, RESPECT, WISDOM - and most of all LOVE.



The Thunderbird Effect

June 2021

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Inipi - Sweat Bath

Cleanse, purify, and heal the traditional way.  Activate your spoke on the Hoop of Life.

Niya = Breath

An ancient method to dis-spell dark.

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Awaken to the Butterfly Effect

I am a homeschool parent of 4, which really just means to me that I honor the teacher in me and the teacher in my children. 

This discussion and lesson I felt guided to share. Students and teachers present; myself, Josh, Isaiah, Niya, and Grandfather.

The human has a 'shell' and within the 'shell' there lies the Wakan, the Orenda (soul/spirit). Outside the 'shell' is our subtle body, which Isaiah names his 'force field'. The 'force field' has many layers...like an onion, us in human form containing the Wakan at the core.

When there are any perforations in the field there becomes dis-ease in the human, whether physically, mentally or emotionally (sometimes all 3). The intensity of the dis-ease is dependant on how many layers were perforated. The dis-ease in the human body is a result of vital energy (life force) being lost and/or stolen. These perforations can be caused from a multitude of reasons though it's core entry is from trauma on any level. Once there is an entry point to one's life force there lies the opportunity for a parasitic force to attach itself, which we coin many different names such as; dark energy, negative energy, entities, and vampires to name a few. Once the parasitic force latches on, is when the dis-ease in the human is felt on any or all levels (physical, emotional, mental).

How do we heal these perforations?
Well, that's the journey that most are on if they recognize the need for the collective to return to ONENESS. It all begins with the deshadowing of the dark and allowing the LIGHT that resides in ALL OUR RELATIVES to shine. Deshadowing or extracting dark is a process that requires patience, understanding, gentleness, and most of all LOVE for oneself.  Writing from my own personal journey out of the dark, which infiltrated me from conception and continued well into my late twenties, I can say without a doubt the dark is an energy that is far more advanced than we would like to believe.  Even after starting my healing process and sitting in the center of what I thought was love and an upward ascension on the spiral of Life, I found myself living in the delusion of this ideal center. My world was flipped upside down and the insight acquired through what I thought was pain and suffering at the time was that of knowing, understanding, learning, healing, practicing and now the ability to teach the TRUTH of the dark and facilitate others with the deshadowing of the dark.


I find most are sitting in this ‘ideal state’ of bliss, Love, center, without continuing the process of release in belief that they have made ‘it’ or are ‘there’.  This ‘ideal state’ is actually a tactic (from dark, not to be uderestimated) in which  prevents the final surrender (jumping into the unknown) and release to take place which is the necessary catalyst to propel our ‘awakening’ to the ‘next level’.   CHAOS must strike at some point for the delusion of life as we perceive it to be shattered. 


After the dark is fully expelled, which may take a few heart openings, surrender, and release, we then begin work on discovering our inherent gift(s) from the Great Spirit.  We connect with our Orenda (Spirit) and the full potential of our LIFE FORCE.  TRUTH becomes our only knowing to communicate, with ourselves, and in turn others.  This is the BUTTERFLY EFFECT, the activation (not to be confused with function) of the 3 spirit chakras, mind and spirit growth, the awakened state.


 Obviously healing occurs for every one of us differently, though the commonality is in seeking the TRUTH, which lies within the Orenda of every living thing. 'Seek and you shall find'! When and as we heal, these perforations will close allowing the mind, body and spirit to regain it's life force connecting us back to the ONENESS.

How does this relate to Mother Earth? Just as we smudge (cleanse, purify), Mother Earth has her own ability through her natural resources to smudge by means of the trees and phytoplankton. Though with the continued  destruction and abuse, the ability for Mother Earth to cleanse is becoming harder and harder.  The ozone layer is Mother Earth's force field and as we know, there are perforations in this layer...., which naturally means dis-ease with Mother Earth and life force being lost and/or stolen.

The core of Mother Earth is US and all living things contained within her!!!

So, you see if we collectively work to heal our force fields regaining our FULL life force we emanate rays of LOVE in the form of BLUE LIGHT.

These BLUE LIGHTs that emanate from the Wakan of ALL (which is really ONE) are a very important part, if not the part, of what is going to heal Mother Earth.


As we witness the beginning of Mother Earth’s healing crisis presented in the form of NATURAL disasters, we can acknowledge the ONE is awakening and therefore affecting the WHOLE.


There is no such thing as control, though there is CHOICE.  We have the CHOICE to UNITE as the Human Tribe and facilitate the outcome upon which we will be when Mother Earth's healing crisis is complete.

In the Circle of Life we are all accountable, needed, and important. There is no one with out the other. 

healing blue light
light in the dark

The Shadowed Light

Removing the shadow of the dark, to reveal the LIGHT that resides in every being, whom belongs to the Tribe known as Human, is the mission of any Warrior of Light (Healer, Shaman, Medicine Women/men)

When the dark (also known as the shadow, parasite, vampire and so on...) attaches to our being via a wound, which is created from a trauma, the potential for loss of LIFE FORCE is unavoidable.  ALL traumas are worthy of creating wounds and these wounds if not attended to are passageways for the dark to enter and as the dark infiltrates our bodies (mind, body, spirit), it begins to affect our thoughts (mind), health (body) and beliefs (spirit). We as a species only  understand a glimpse of what our LIFE FORCE is capable of, though I believe, that glimpse is enough to know that healing is imperative to protect the ONE and in turn the WHOLE. 

The dark, no matter the form it presents itself, is a self-serving energy with the goal to consume and over generations has created formulas that have allowed for it to breed at rates unimaginable (just watch the news).  Trauma use to be a result of dark, though now most traumas are dark. 

Dark being an energy, has the ability to travel, transfer, and transmute without limitation, meaning time and space are relative.  Though dark, as real as it is, is just a shadow disilluminating and once deshadowed, the LIGHT that resides in every Human shines again, the eternal flame of LOVE.

The dark is not always easy to extract and there were many ancient barbaric practices used centuries ago to exorcist the dark from a person which were practiced out of fear. Though there were always the Wise Ones and there wisdom remains, there wisdom of gentle extraction with the intention of transforming that which was  dark to that which is LIGHT. Meaning flipping the coin, because polarity only exists in the tangible world so, that means dark is LIGHT! They are but one side of the same coin.  These ancient practices as I mentioned are not lost, they reside in the Warriors of Light and like (Healers, Shamans, Medicine Men/Women) and it is there duty as an unwritten agreement to serve the Human Tribe in the interest of the Great Spirit. 

The dark can be removed (I speak in tangible terms) and it is through the deshadowing of the Human Tribe that we will ignite the Orendas of the ONE, to shine as a WHOLE, revealing a land untouched by the Wasicun and we shall know the TRUTH OF PEACE AND LOVE ON EARTH.

Ancient methods of de-shadowing of the dark.

"Black Elk spoke to the star as follows:
"Morning Star, there at the place where the sun comes up, you who have the wisdom which we seek, help us in cleansing ourselves and all the people, that our generations to come will have light as they walk the sacred path. You lead the dawn as it walks forth, and also the day which follows with its light which is knowledge. This you do for us and for all the people of the world, that they may see clearly in walking the wakan - holy - path, that they may know all that is holy, and that they may increase in a sacred manner ...""

Zeilinger, R. (2003). The Morning Star. Retrieved from http://aktalakota.stjo.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=8595

The Story of Turtle Island as perceived by Jacob (Mowegan) Wawatie