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'Womb circles are the foundation to the healing of Mother Earth and therefore the preservation of The Next 7 Generations.' 

CicaWa Wolf Woman


Photo credit - Bear Foot



In 2015 I started my journey with the The 13 Original Clan Mothers, a book written by Jamie Sams.  Being of Indigenous decent the teachings were familiar and resonated with me deeply. 

I had just given birth to my 3rd child and my first girl and 6 months later witnessed my mother walk on. These 2 life altering experiences catapulted an explosion within, also known as the dark night of the soul, that quickly brought me to the knowing that I needed to tend to my womb in order to release my mother and daughter wholly.  This release is known to as THE HEALING OF THE BLOOD LINES, the ability to remove patterns, habits, emotions, fears, and dis-ease carried for generations. The Clan Mothers became a very integral part of this healing process. 

After circling with The Clan Mothers for 2 13-Moon cycles on my own, in 2017 I was called to open sacred space and facilitate a womb circle guiding, protecting, and supporting other women on their healing journey.  

The first circle was online and via zoom where 13 women joined on both Grandmother Moon's fullness and newness and we circled for the full 13-Moon Cycle.  This experience was unfathomable.  The healing and growth we all experienced was undoubtable not solely serving oneself, yet the WHOLE.  This circle was safe, supportive, loving, and needed.

Today I am still circling with most of the same original 13 women as well as 26 more woman.  I am honoured and blessed to be facilitating 2 online Clan Mother Circles and 1 in person. 

I have come to know that we will all continue to walk the path of healing until the last Spirit walking an Earth Walk is healed. 




The Clan Mother Circles begin in January and end in December.  We circle for 13-Moons honoring on Full Moon this upcoming cycle. The commitment to join is to honor in participation for the full 13-Moon Cycle (1year) and a contribution towards the continued growth of the Center.

Moon Lodge Registration


The Sacred Moon Lodge, the place where all women reside during their moon time.

Moon time was a time to go within, to retreat, to purify, and to be with oneself for at least 3 moons. The elders mined the children and other tribes women prepared the meals. After 3 moons of solitude the woman would re-join the group and spend the rest of her moon time relaxing and sharing insights. These insights were shared later with the tribe collectively depending on their importance to the tribe.

Moon blood was used for Earth and moon offerings, specific rituals and healing.

The Moon Lodge was necessary for women to be during their moon time for the minimum of 3 moons because of their energy capabilities. Our energy has the ability to flow clockwise and counterclockwise and it is understood that women's energy flows counter during her moon and this opposite energy flow is powerful.  This shift in energy flow holds great wisdom, though it's strength and ability has the potential to cause harm under certain circumstances which is why women are not to attend other ceremonies during their moon time. 

It was very common that most women would have their moon time in close proximity. Having such a close relationship with Grandmother Moon, their energies were in sync with the cycles. It is said that we are to be ovulating during the Full Moon and menstruating during the New Moon. Cycles can shift for various reasons, though its intended state is to follow the path of Grandmother Moon.

Other than the Sacred Fire, Grandfather Sun, and Grandmother Moon, there was no other light to disrupt this connection. As women, our energies need to be connected to natural light and specifically the light or lack of Grandmother Moon. Today we live in boxes filled with artificial lights inside and even outside.  Therefore, It is important for us as women to try and spend a little time each evening with Grandmother Moon to reconnect and thus regain balance within.  This is the path to healing the bloodlines.

When we are in balance with the cyclical flow of Grandmother Moon we are that much more capable of tuning into Spirit and receiving knowings that benefit the WHOLE.


To honor the traditional ways is to honor Grandmother Moon.

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