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Spirit Circle is a gathering in honor of the children.  It was birthed from the need of the children that flowed through me to connect with other children.  As a home school mom of 5, the social connection with other children was important for their emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well being. 

In August of 2020 our family reached out to the homeschooling community to offer an 8 week program sharing the teachings of The 7 Grandfather Teachings.  The hope was to share, teach, learn, and connect with other families.  This happened and so much more!  

Nine families joined our program and we all wholly enjoyed this new found tribe and collectively choose to continue our gathering weekly.  Two years later, and we are still gathering! We have experienced some families leave and welcomed new ones in and have grown to the point that our space is unable to physically hold more families during the white moons.  

We hope to create more dwellings that will offer the space to support more families to join our tribe, though also to serve as a blueprint to support others to create additional Spirit Circles. 

The children were the seeds that sprouted Spirit Circle and the new tribes will be birthed as so, as the children are the foundation of tomorrow.

The 7 Grandfather Teachings.  These are the teachings the First Elder gave us as gifts of knowledge that he received from the 7 Grandfathers.  These teachings were gifted to us to help guide, protect and support us on our Earth Walk. These gifts were to be a daily reminder of that which we have to give Thanksgiving for and now more than ever we need to re-member them if we are to preserve Mother Earth and next 7 generations. 
These teachings give us direction and balance.  It is imperative that we learn, teach and share the 7 Grandfather Teachings, as it our responsibility to take care of the children and of Mother Earth. The children are the ones who must care for Mother Earth tomorrow, and for the generations to come.

Youth Connext was birthed to create a space for our youth to connect with one another socially and to empower them to create change in a world that yearns for healing. 

The children are the promise of tomorrow and it is in them we must plant the seeds of RESPECT, LOVE, BRAVERY, HONESTY, HUMILITY, WISDOM, and TRUTH so they may know their importance and unveil their gifts for the world to benefit. 

PRESENT INITIATIVE - planning a fundraiser to raise awareness and money to donate to a local youth homeless shelter.


Forest Path
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“Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.”

Black Elk

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