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Animal Spirits

Mother Earth encompasses so much from the tiniest plant to the tallest tree, to the stone people, to the veins that run through her, to of course, all the tiny critters, animals and birds. 

I want to discuss animal totems and/or guides. The animal world reaches out to us in the physical realm, in ours minds eye (suspended in time and space-connection to all realms), and our dream travels. 

We have 9 totem animals, the two that walk on either side of us honor our feminine (left side) and masculine (right side), which are with us from birth, and then there is an animal for each of the 7 winds (directions). 

Discovering all your totem animals does not usually occur at once, it is a process in which each animal will reveal themselves to you when you are ready for their medicine. 

It is also certain that throughout your Earth walk other animal guides, separate from your totems will offer their medicine(s).

In order to be reached by spirit animals it is as simple as practicing acknowledgement, opening yourself up to the possibility. This may come easy for some and take more practice for others. Acknowledgement is the honoring of our interconnectedness to the WHOLE.  Knowing each living thing has a place in the Circle of Life.  When we RESPECT with HUMILITY all living things, we open the possibilities to relearn the universal communication language - LOVE.

Once one has moved through acknowledgment, the Spirit Animal Realm reveals itself in magical ways.  A new channel of support, protection, and guidance is tangibly accessible in our CHOICES.  Animal Spirits may present themselves in the physical, spiritual, or mental aspect. The best way to benefit from the medicine(s) each animal has to offer is to learn about their characteristics, behaviors, and lifestyle.  OBSERVE.  Also the context in which the animal presented itself to you usually plays an important role in regards to the message being delivered.


Most animal guides are patient, though one must give thanks and be a willing and eager student to make use of the medicines offered and to decipher messages delivered. Mother Earth is a wonderfully loving mother that only wants what is best for ALL her children . She offers us much help during our Earth walk guiding us down the the Red Road. Spirit Animals are just one example of her devotion to her human children . Learning to re-establish bonds with Our Earth Mother is imperative for the healing and survival of future generations. When we, as a species, can re-member that we are part of the hoop of life, that we sit in circle with all animals, from the flying ones, to the 4 legged, to the creepy crawlers as equals, then we heal the division and mend the gap in the Medicine Wheel of Life


Smudging - The Truth


Smudging is a traditional act practiced for a variety of reasons and the Sacred Herb(s) chosen is dependent on the reason. For today I will be addressing the practice of smudging for the purpose of cleansing, purifying and protecting one’s self and space to rid energies unserving.


In a recent post I briefly discussed the 4 Sacred Herbs (Sweet Grass, Sage, Cedar, and Tobacco) and what they were commonly used for and how to use them for one self. Today I will go more into detail about smudging one’s self and space. In my recent post I shared a prayer that can be used while smudging. This prayer is utilized to guide the smudging herb with intent. When smudging and reciting this prayer one can create boundaries of their sacred circle to protect themselves from further infiltration of unwanted energies and protect others from picking up their unserving energies.


To actually cleanse oneself and space in its authenticity takes more than just the burning of the Sacred Herb. The Sacred Herbs have become so mainstream and are being burned with the belief that cleansing is occurring, when really for the most part there is no cleansing taking place, though solely boundaries enforced. Do to the mainstream information in regards to the Sacred Herbs, they are being dishonored and for the most part have lost their authentic state of growth and harvest.


To truly smudge and achieve the goal of cleansing, purifying and protecting is not for the faint of heart, and I say that with all do respect. Firstly, the one whom takes on the practice of smudging must already be in a state of knowing and therefore ABLE to facilitate such a task. This task is a weighted choice, for if not done right can cause more harm than good by disturbing the energies versus cleansing . When we speak of clearing, purifying and protecting in relation to energies unserving we may have heard them coined as ghosts, shadow animals, vampires , witches, and entities to name a few. Either way It is an energy unserving needing to be released to the cosmos to be transmuted to its intended state…LOVE.


One might be thinking, ‘Well, when I smudge I feel better and so does my space’. Yes, it may very well be so, because you have enforced boundaries for the time being and then you will most likely need to smudge again….and then again.


So, now one may be asking, ‘What to do?’ When feeling the need for cleansing, purifying and protecting it is best to seek the help of someone in their knowing. In the meantime enforced boundaries and simply lighting a candle joined with the right prayer can be sufficient. It is to understand that these are traditions that for the most part have been lost or broken and it is not as simple as burning an herb and poof! It is in ignorance that this is believed and I personally sat in this assumption until the truths were bestowed within me. I understand now that it is not to be taken lightly and that to only those called are the secrets revealed. This is not something we look for or even ask for, it is answering the call within.


Let us honor tradition and thus the gift of the Sacred Herbs. Purchase your herbs authentically (not from mass suppliers), keep them in a honored place, give Thanksgiving upon use, and gift the ashes back to Mother Earth.

Awaken Your Senses - Spiritual Magnetism

As a homeschool mother, I strive to blend academic along side with spiritual teachings and I am always amazed at the synchronicities between the two. Always honoring through acknowledgment that both myself and children are teacher and student simultaneously. Our recent topic of interest has been magnetism. Magnetism – is an invisible force or field caused by the unique properties of certain materials. Magnetosphere – is the magnetic force that extends into space. This force acts like a shield protecting Earth. Substances that have the potential to be magnetic only need their domains aligned. Initially the electrons are spinning in different directions, though upon alignment they begin to spin in the same direction. This arrangement of atoms create a magnet, which consists of a North and South pole. The energy that runs between the poles is what creates the magnetic force field and thus the magnetosphere. ~~~~~~~



We as physically energetic beings have a connection to both Mother Earth and Father Sky both physically and energetically. When we connect with the core of Mother Earth, where the source of her magnet is located and to Father Sky’s core, the black hole, where the source of his magnet is located we begin to free the many TRUTHS hidden from us, we shatter the illusion created to trap and oppress us. We as humans have a magnetic core as well, that speaks and understands the universal language. Our core is located in our heart center, this is our magnet, though we must realign our domains in order to remagnetize with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Once we are remagnetized our force field is also re-enforced, protecting us from the illusions disillusioning us and allowing us to live in our TRUTH as part of the WHOLE, able to contribute as so. Just through the awareness of the different cores, we can focus with intent and begin to realign. As we walk the Red Road on our Earth Walk choosing love and compassion we continue to align our domains until we are completely aligned. This is when we can be controlled no more, truths will be disclosed, and reality as we perceive it will be altered to unveil it's intended state. The intensity of Earth’s Magnetism is strengthening in collaboration with Father Sky’s energy to support the liberation of the Human Tribe. There will be a point that ignorance will be obsolete and a choice will have to be made. This is when the Thunderbird will visit and the 5th world will be upon us. The choice will be to stand in one's TRUTH or exit with fear. With the TRUTH of magnetism unveiled We are reminded of what our Ancestors knew, that all consist of a circle, which is eternal, equal, and unified. We are individual domains within the WHOLE and when aligned we become activated, creating a circle of energy that connects with others that have activated their circle of energy, which then connects to our Earth Mothers circle of energy and thus the Universal circle of energy and this is the Hoop of Life.

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