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Spirit School is an opportunity for our children age 7 and up to connect and explore learning in a variety of interactive ways.  

Spirit School is facilitated by an accredited teacher that we are blessed to have part of our tribe!  

The children learn within their own comfort and all  subjects are taught through a multitude of methods with it's main focus on interactive group learning with no segregation of ages.

The children lead the way by being an integral part of all planning.


An opportunity for kids of all ages to explore, learn outdoor skills, identify medicinal plants, build shelters, identify animal tracks, and more.

Meet Our Teacher


Sarah Clark

Over the past academic year our older Spirit Circle youth, ages 7+, have explored a variety of fun and engaging topics at Spirit School. Together they have immersed themselves in learning about social emotional learning, comic writing, dissection, financial literacy, fairy tales, claymation, board game creation, story writing, and so much more! The group has also birthed a few recurring projects such as Geo-Club, Lego Life and Science Fair. Additionally, the group has been gathering monthly for special activity days/fieldtrips where they have had the opportunity to partake in skating, bowling, beach visits, pyjama and movie day and swimming. Our Spirit School instructor, Sarah Clark, is an Ontario certified Primary/Junior educator, she also has a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Studies with concentrations in Alternative Education and Gender Identity Studies. She was previously employed as a Primary teacher for the OCSB before becoming a full-time homeschool educator to her own four children. Sarah has facilitated numerous workshops, fieldtrips and learning programs for homeschool children across the Ottawa Valley and now shares her passion for education with our Spirit School community.

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