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The Butterfly Effect


I am a homeschool parent of 5, which really just means to me that I honor the teacher/student in me and the teacher/student in my children. 

These teachings were the outcome of a discussion that took place in 2015 with my children and dad.

The human has a 'shell' (our physical body) and within the 'shell' there lies the Wakan, Spirit. Outside the 'shell' is our subtle body, which Isaiah (my son) names his 'force field'. The 'force field' has many layers, like an onion.

If there are any perforations in the field there is potential for dis-ease in the human, whether physically, mentally or emotionally (sometimes all 3) and the intensity is relative to how many layers are perforated. These perforations can be caused from a multitude of reasons, though it's core entry is from a wound. The consequence is vital energy (life force) being lost and/or stolen. Once there is an entry point to one's life force there lies the opportunity for a parasitic force to attach itself and deplete ones life force feeding the shadow self and/or fragmentation of the Spirit takes place. Once the parasitic force latches and/or fragmentation occurs is when the dis-ease in the human is felt on any or all levels (physical, emotional, mental).  My teachings are that many who walk the Earth today are wounded and that is purposeful in order to serve as the catalyst for the HEALING of the WHOLE.

How do we heal these perforations?

Well, that's the journey that most are on if we recognize the need for the ONE to return to WHOLENESS. It all begins with the de-shadowing of the dark and allowing the LIGHT that resides in ALL to shine and/or calling back fragments of the Spirit. De-shadowing (extracting dark) or calling fragments back is a process that requires patience, understanding, gentleness, openness, trust, and most of all LOVE.  Writing from my own personal journey out of the dark as a fragmented Spirit, who was infiltrated from conception and didn't start my healing journey until my late twenties, I can say without a doubt the dark is an energy that is far more advanced than we would like to believe. 


Then there came a point in my healing process that I felt I reached my center and I was healed and on an 'upward' ascension on the spiral of Life. That's when I realized I was living in a delusion and this ideal center was just the tip of the iceberg that melted.  And then the  Thunderbird medicine was gifted and the insight acquired through what I thought was pain and suffering at the time was that of knowing, understanding, learning, healing, and practicing. The ideal center is just a shadowing of the TRUTH, preventing release.  The tornado within must strike at some point, if not many for the delusion of life as we perceive it to be shattered. 


After the dark is fully expelled and fragments are returned, which may take a few heart openings, surrenders, and releases, we then are in the center to begin our journey in discovering or working with our inherent gift(s)  from the Great Spirit .  We are at a place to connect with our Spirit wholly and begin to understand the full potential of our LIFE FORCE.  TRUTH becomes our only knowing to communicate, with ourselves, and in turn others.  This is the BUTTERFLY EFFECT, which then activates the 3 energy centers that nurture spiritual and mental growth. 


Obviously healing occurs for every one of us differently, though the commonality is in seeking the TRUTH, which lies within the Spirit of every living thing.  When and as we heal, the perforations of the ONE will close allowing the mind, body and spirit to regain it's life force connecting us back to the ONENESS.  And with each ONE that heals we are that much closer to healing as a WHOLE because the lesson learned and now shared is that we are only WHOLLY healed when the each ONE is healed.


What is the importance of the ONE healing r​elate to Mother Earth?

Just as we smudge (cleanse, purify), release, and detoxify, Mother Earth has her own ability through her natural resources to do so by means of the trees, plants, moss, phytoplankton, and her connection with the living things that follow the Divine Laws of the Circle of  Life. Though with the continued  destruction and abuse by the 2-leggeds, the ability for Mother Earth to cleanse herself is harder and harder. 


The ozone layer is Mother Earth's force field and as we know, there are perforations, which consequently  means possible dis-ease within Mother Earth,  and lost and/or stolen life force.

Mother Earth's heartbeat is a direct result of our LIFE FORCE and all living things upon her.

So, you see if we collectively work to heal our force fields regaining our FULL life force we are capable of  emanating rays of LIGHT, which are known as BLUE LIGHT.  These BLUE LIGHTs that emanate from the Wakan of ALL, are a very important part, if not the part, of what is going to heal Mother Earth. 


As we witness  Mother Earth’s healing crisis continue to intensify year after year in the form of natural disasters and peculiar weather happenings, we can acknowledge the ONE is HEALING and therefore affecting the WHOLE.   And just as we need to flow through the  tornado within, so does Mother Earth.  There is no such thing as control, though there is CHOICE and we have the CHOICE to UNITE as the Human Tribe and support the continuation of the healing of the ONE, encouraging the ignition of the BLUE LIGHT by being of service.

In the Circle of Life we are all accountable, needed, and important. There is no one with out the other. 

Let's CONNECT and become the CHANGE that supports the preservation of Mother Earth and The Next 7 Generations.

CicaWa Wolf Woman
The Story of Turtle Island as perceived by Jacob (Mowegan) Wawatie
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