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Intertribal circles is an honouring of connecting circles.  It is a realization that within support and humility we thrive.



Our stewardship of the land which holds Earth’s Harvest was established in 2010, bringing to life a vision of a small farm dedicated to honouring the Earth and its harvest by utilizing off-grid, sustainable, regenerative organic practices with our relationship to Mother Earth as the foundation of how we walked and worked with the land. We saw the farm as circles within
circles within circles, all part of a larger circle, serving to sustain us All. 


Find us at the following markets

Landsdowne Park Farmers' Market - Sunday

Westboro Farmers' Market - Saturday

Orleans Farmers' Market - Thursday

Kanata Farmers' Market - Saturday



Community Carbon Trees is a not for profit organization in Costa Rica.  It was birthed by a dear friend of CicaWa Wolf Woman, Jennifer Smith. 


With a passion for Mother Earth, Tree Jenny (as we all know her), who moved to Costa Rica from the USA was inspired to follow her truth and live her gift of protecting and preserving Mother Earth and all she encompasses by planting trees. 


Though her endeavor has grown and Community Carbon Trees is an organization that educates children, local farmers, universities and like organizations. 

Community Carbon Trees has creating a model that truly embodies the Medicine Wheel teaching.   

 Fundraising Initiatives 

Farm to Fundraiser

At Earth's Harvest Farm market booth funds were raised  selling tea cup bird feeders and a International Recipe Book both made in collaboration with members of the Tribe!

Mother Earth Clean Up

An initiative by an anonymous  donor to collect garbage and receive $5 bag towards our Spirit Fund!

Sunflower Kits - Feeding the bees

Farm to Fundraiser

At Earth's Harvest Farm market booth funds were raised selling sunflower kits in which the kids decorated each bag uniquely!


Suet Bird Feeders & Recipe Book

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